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Since 2010, Align Foundation Repair has been a trusted name in foundation repair for Sunnyvale, TX, residents. Our company owners are third-generation foundation repair experts who grew up learning the business. We stand behind our expert workmanship with friendly customer service and a transferable lifetime warranty.

Do You Need Foundation Repair in Sunnyvale?

It might be time to call the foundation repair experts in Sunnyvale if:

  • There are cracks in the walls, around the windows, or around the doors.
  • You have doors that won’t close level or stay shut.
  • Your windows are stuck in place.
  • Floors are uneven, sloping, or wet.

Many structures in Sunnyvale are built upon clay-based soils that can be sensitive to weather fluctuations. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience foundation issues even within the first few years of building a brand-new home. It’s best to address foundation repair issues sooner rather than later. Correction can be more affordable than you may think, particularly if you get on it right away.

Types of Sunnyvale Foundation Repair

Align Foundation Repair offers many different fixes for foundations, depending on the damage. Severe foundation issues may require a drilled pier system using a lift and steel rods to stabilize the property. Concrete piling is a fast and cost-effective alternative designed to last.

Our full-service foundation experts know how to grade soil, install drains, and perform preventative maintenance.

You can expect more than a cosmetic quick fix from our hard-working professionals. We seek to provide comprehensive Sunnyvale foundation repair addressing the root problem with a permanent solution. Our team understands the many causes of foundation shifting, whether it’s inadequate site preparation, weather changes, poor soil conditions, hydrostatic plumbing, drainage, age-related settlement, or other reasons.

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    Though our main office is located 23 minutes north in Garland, we are happy to provide a free, no-obligation foundation repair estimate. For the worry-free estimate, an experienced contractor will come out to your home or business, take a look at the foundation, discuss several different options for repair, and give you a quote for our services so you can make the most informed decision going forward. Most jobs can be completed in a week or less. Whether the work required is basic or extensive, we value your business. Call Align Foundation Repair, a Better Business Bureau accredited company with a consistent A+ rating since 2011.

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