Why is it important to choose an experienced pier and beam foundation repair company like Align Foundation Repair? Because a pier and beam home presents unique repair challenges, as compared to those of a home with a slab foundation. We utilize the highest-quality materials when repairing the older, vintage homes most commonly associated with pier and beam foundations.

The terminology “pier and beam” refers to a house foundation that is made of treated wood and resting on piers, or blocks. If it is constructed properly, this type of foundation will have a crawl space sufficient to access under the home.

Spread Footing

Our spread footing technique, known as pad footing, is specifically designed to provide stability to pier and beam structures. Spread footings work best for shallow foundations, where access may be limited.

Be aware that spread footings can vary in depth from company to company. The Align Foundation Repair spread footing is installed no less than two feet below the ground surface. More shallow footings may not support the structure properly.

Advantages of spread footings:

  • They are deeper than alternative pier and beam pier replacements.
  • They are reinforced with steel grids that meet or exceed all common engineering specifications.
  • They are the best possible repair option for crawl space pier replacement.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Costs

Contact Align Foundation Repair for a free inspection and pier and beam foundation repair cost estimate.  Our quote will include the cost for shimming, or leveling, plus the cost of any additional piers or beam replacement.

Some foundation repair companies will cut costs to remain competitive; this includes using untreated or inferior wood or using shims made of wood or sheet rock instead of high-quality steel. These are all temporary fixes that end up penalizing you, the homeowner, down the road.  Their cost-saving measures will eventually fail and lead to more cracking and sagging.

Contact Align Foundation Repair to evaluate the integrity of your home’s pier and beam foundation. Our free, no-obligation inspection and quote are the first steps in helping you avoid any safety hazards or building code violations in the future.


Have questions about how Align Foundation Repair can solve your foundation problems? Contact our foundation repair company today!