Like the rest of the home, the garage floor gradually settles over the years. The eventual result is an uneven floor that may also manifest in the form of cracks in the concrete. If the floor is sloping, or if you notice fracture lines, call Align Foundation Repair for a free pier and beam concrete garage floor repair estimate.

The interior floors of most pier and beam garages are not connected to the foundation in any way and are built similarly to a driveway. Due to this construction, the interior floor can only be raised using our concrete lifting methods. The cost to replace the interior floor of your pier and beam garage can be even more expensive than a driveway due to access issues. Repairing it will cost much less than half the cost to replace and can be done in a day or less.

What Causes Garage Floor Damage?

Uneven leveling and other damage is likely due to changing ground conditions beneath the floor. Factors like poor compaction or use of low-grade fill material by the original builder may cause erosion. The material is subject to expansion and contraction from a combination of moisture, temperature fluctuations, and even intruding tree roots. This lifts the concrete slab, causing it to repeatedly “heave” up and down.

Once this heaving takes place, the damage progressively becomes worse. As cracks begin to appear, the opening creates an entry point for more air and moisture, resulting in even more expansion and contraction underneath.
Soil settlement underneath garage floors is especially common in the Dallas Fort Worth, TX, area. The soil conditions here tend to consist of alkaline clay and sandy loams, which can be susceptible to factors like wind erosion.

Why Is an Uneven Garage Floor a Problem?

Are you okay with an unleveled floor in the home interior? The cracks and sloping are not only unsightly, but they can lead to foundational issues. A settling garage may reverse drainage towards your home, leading to possible water seepage into the rest of the property interior. A leveled garage should NOT be drawing water into your home.

Leveling Concrete Garage Floor

The first step is to bring in an inspector from Align Foundation Repair who will examine the floor condition and determine whether a concrete garage floor repair is a viable solution. We will lay out exactly what needs to be done and give you a concrete raising estimate. Generally, raising garage floors doesn’t require removing and replacing the entire concrete slab or removing a portion of the walls.

We Repair Garage Floors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The garage is a part of your home and warrants the same attention and care as any other part of the house. If cracks are starting to appear or certain parts of the floor feel uneven, contact Align Foundation Repair today to schedule a free repair estimate. We are proud to offer our concrete repair services to to DFW - explore our service areas today!