Concrete Driveway Raising Before and After

Driveways can cost many thousands of dollars to replace. If your driveway leans in any direction, there is a good chance it can be repaired using the Align Foundation Repair concrete lifting method.

Many Texas homeowners experience problems with aging concrete driveways. As the ground around and under the driveway settles or as animals or rain runoff create voids beneath driveways, cracks begin to form around contraction or control joints. Whole sections of the driveway become sloped or uneven.

Align Foundation Repair offers homeowners in the Dallas-Forth Worth area a fast and cost-effective concrete driveway repair process to fix uneven driveways. Rather than replacing the entire driveway, our technicians can lift and level whole concrete driveway slabs to bring driveways back to a near-perfect original condition.

Align Foundation Repair’s Concrete Driveway Lifting and Leveling Process

Align Foundation Repair will fix uneven concrete driveways with an effective 4-step process:

  1. We first drill small pump holes (i.e. less than 1-inch diameter) into the concrete slabs that have settled.
  2. We then inject a sandy loam/portland cement mixture into the pre-drilled holes and carefully distribute that mixture under the slab to lift and level it.
  3. We verify that any voids and settled ground beneath the slab are secure and solidly filled with the mixture.
  4. Lastly, we refill the pump holes with a specially formulated concrete patch mixture and wash the entire concrete surface to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.

Concrete Driveway Raising vs. Replacement

Over time, an uneven driveway that has settled will develop more cracks and will begin to crumble. Crumbled or severely cracked concrete driveways will need to be completely replaced.

Replacing a concrete driveway is substantially more expensive and requires far more time and effort than concrete driveway lifting and leveling. Recent estimates place the cost of installing a concrete driveway at approximately $6.00 per square foot. Raising and leveling an existing driveway will typically cost less than half of the expense of a new installation.

Concrete Raising and Restoration of Driveway Before and After

Free Estimate for Concrete Driveway Leveling

An Align Foundation Repair technician will initially inspect your driveway to determine if concrete raising is a valid repair option. The technician will then formulate a repair plan and proposal for your review. That proposal will show you exactly how much easier and less expensive it will be to repair your driveway with Align Foundation Repair’s concrete lifting method.

Contact Align Foundation Repair for Professional Concrete Driveway Raising Services

Align Foundation Repair has helped homeowners in Garland, Dallas, and Fort Worth to repair their concrete driveways and to save thousands of dollars that they might otherwise have spent to replace cracked or uneven driveways. We tell homeowners everywhere that they can extend the useful lives of their driveways with prompt repairs that will lift and level uneven slab sections. Explore our service areas today and call for a quote.

For more information on how our concrete driveway repair services can help you to maintain and improve the value of your Texas home, and to schedule a time for an inspection and free concrete driveway repair estimate from one of our technicians, please contact us to speak directly with our driveway repair specialists.