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Settling or otherwise disturbed foundations are common in North Texas due to the region’s soil, which is prone to constant shifting and contraction. These changes can cause concrete foundations to shift, as well. The shifting may be subtle at first, but just enough for the foundation to move and eventually begin cracking or breaking apart. To prevent the expense and inconvenience of a damaged foundation, contact Align Foundation Repair for the capable, professional foundation repair services in Lewisville, Texas.

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

There are some telltale signs of a compromised foundation. Some are subtle, so it’s crucial to keep an eye out for any indicators that might warrant an inspection.

Here are some danger signs that you should be able to recognize:

  • Water pooling near your home
  • Windows that no longer open or shut properly
  • Doors that are difficult to completely close
  • Cracks near the corners of the wall and ceiling
  • Floors that feel slanted or sloping

If you notice any of these tell-tale indicators of a bad foundation, then it’s time to get in touch with Align Foundation Repair for an inspection. When you contact us, we will send our experienced team out to examine your home or commercial building and determine whether you have cause for concern about your foundation. If you do, we will develop an effective and affordable plan for dealing with it. We are proud to serve the community of Lewisville, Texas, as well as our other DFW foundation repair service areas.

Our Foundation Repair Services in Lewisville, Texas

At Align Foundation Repair, we understand that there is no universal solution that will work for every foundation issue. Different types of buildings require a different approach, and the current condition of your foundation must also be taken into account. That’s why we don’t develop a repair plan until after we have inspected your foundation to determine the extent of the damage and its cause.

Concrete piling, steel piling, spread footing, and drilled pier repair are all options that we can utilize in order to provide you with a stronger, more secure foundation.

Drainage System Repair in Lewisville, Texas

While many homeowners might not associate their drainage system with their foundation, there is a link between the two. If your drainage system isn’t working properly, then it can easily lead to foundation damage. Align Foundation Repair offers custom drainage solutions for a wide range of common issues, including pooling water, water damage, and soil erosion caused by moisture. The Lewisville drainage system repair solutions we can provide include:

  • Custom commercial drainage systems
  • Custom channel drains
  • French drain installation
  • Surface drain installation

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    Concrete Raising in Lewisville, Texas

    If your property has any settling surfaces, then they could easily become a safety hazard. Uneven walkways can lead to slipping and falling—which can cause serious injuries. In addition, settled surfaces can detract from the appearance of your home and yard. If you are searching for a solution to your uneven surfaces, then Align Foundation Repair is here to help. Our Lewisville concrete raising solutions can bring back the attractiveness—and safety—of your original surface. We can repair uneven patios, driveways, garage floors, pool decks, and other concrete surfaces.

    Align Foundation Repair Is Your Trusted Lewisville Foundation Repair Contractor

    If you’re in need of an experienced foundation repair contractor in Lewisville, Texas, then Align Foundation Repair will be glad to assist you. We offer a transferable service warranty on all repairs, so you can always be confident in the quality of our work. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are highly recommended by local real estate agents and homeowners in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. For a free estimate on your repair work, contact us today!

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