It’s not uncommon for homeowners in Lewisville to notice symptoms of a settling foundation. Due to temperature, rainfall fluctuations, and soil volatility in the region, the soil is prone to constant shifting and contraction. For a foundation that rests on top of the soil, the concrete will begin to shift as well. It will be subtle at first, but just enough for the foundation to move and eventually begin cracking or breaking apart. This is when you need to contact Align Foundation Repair for an inspection and subsequent remediations, if necessary.

Signs Your Home Requires Foundation Repairs

In what instances might your home require foundation repair in Lewisville, TX? Homeowners should actively look out for signs of a compromised foundation. Do the windows or doors no longer open or shut properly? When it rains, you may also notice water pooling near your home. Another telltale sign is cracks that begin to manifest along the corners of the wall and ceiling.

One side of the home may also feel a bit off. It may seem a bit slanted or sloping; in other words, it’s noticeable that you’re standing on uneven footing. Of course, these signs can be indicators of other issues as well. This is why we recommend a consultation from Align Foundation Repair. An experienced professional will examine your property and determine whether the oddities point to a foundation giving way.

Types of Foundation Repair Lewisville TX Homes Require

An inspector will examine the foundation to determine the extent of the damage and whether immediate repairs are in order. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as not all homes and facilities utilize the same kind of foundation. For the typical residential home, concrete piling usually suffices. For heavier structures, such as commercial buildings, steel piling may be the appropriate measure. Other methods that we may employ include spread footing and drilled piers.

Entrust Your Lewisville Foundation Repair with Us

If you reside in the Lewisville, TX area, give Align Foundation Repair a call for a free consultation and foundation repair estimate. All of our foundation repair work comes with a foundation repair service warranty. The warranty is transferrable, so new homeowners benefit, should you decide to sell your property. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are recommended by local real estate agents and homeowners.

Foundation Repair in Lewisville, Texas

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