Are you noticing sunken sidewalks and walkways around your home? Perhaps your pool deck has settled, or your driveway is uneven. If you're experiencing any of these issues, your home might benefit from Align's Concrete Raising services. Contact us for a free estimate today! We'll send an estimator to determine if Concrete Raising is a viable solution for your property's specific issues, and we'll set to work formulating a specialized plan of repair. Once you've accepted the proposal, you'll be given a weather dependent repair date. Our crew will then drill lifting holes using an inch and 5/8 concrete drill bit. A sandy loam and portland mixture is injected into the lifting holes to raise the concrete to the desired level. Void holes are then filled until the mixture adequately supports the lifted area. Finally, we'll leave your home better than we found it. The concrete is thoroughly washed and the holes are filled with a specially formulated patching concrete.


If your patio leans or is pulling away from the house, Concrete Raising using a slurry may be the best option for repair. Patios are rarely built as robustly as homes. Therefore, Concrete Raising using a sandy loam-concrete mixture provides an alternative when piers are not a possibility. Typically, you can repair a patio with Align for less than half the cost of replacement. An added benefit is most repair is done in one day.


Driveways can cost many thousands of dollars to replace. If your driveway leans in any direction, there is a good chance it can be repaired using the Align Concrete Raising method. Walkways made of concrete can also be raised to prevent standing water and trip hazards. If your sidewalk is owned by the city, we can help you determine who is responsible for repair.


Uneven walkways present a host of problems for a homeowner or apartment management company. The most obvious issue is that an uneven walkway makes the area look unkept and aged. However, the most significant problem is the liability associated with the trip hazards created when a sidewalk settles unevenly. Some cities put the responsibility on the home owner to repair sidewalks in front of their house. Call us to see if we can repair the sidewalk or if the city is required to do so.


The interior floors of most pier and beam garages are not connected to the foundation in anyway and are built similarly to a driveway. Due to this construction, the interior floor can only be raised using Align's Concrete Raising methods. The cost to replace the interior floor of your pier and beam can be even more expensive than a driveway, due to access issues. Repairing it will cost much less than half the cost to replace, and can be completed in a day or less.


Rainwater runoff and animals can create voids under concrete structures. The longer the void exists the more likely it is to have failure in the concrete. We can fill the voids left by water and animals to protect the structures on your property.


Anyone in North Texas that has been to a pool has seen a settled pool deck. The pool deck is not connected to the pool and can move independently. The cost to replace a pool deck can be very high. The alternative is raising it using the Align Concrete Raising method.