Foundation issues are common in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs like Arlington. Our homes are built upon expansive clay soil that shrinks in the absence of moisture during the hot summer months and expands when it rains again. Ideally, homeowners should water the foundation during a drought and plant trees and shrubs at least 20 feet from the house. The key to preserving the soil around other foundation is moisture balance, after all. Sometimes it’s too late and the signs of a failing foundation are already visible. When that happens, you need an Arlington foundation repair crew that will arrive promptly and professionally with the right expertise to get the job done right the first time. Our family-run Texas foundation repair business is so confident in our abilities, we give a Lifetime Warranty on most piers we offer, which not only guarantees our craftsmanship, but also increases the resale value of your home.

Signs you need Arlington foundation repair

Cracks in the sheetrock and doors that won’t close are the most tell-tale signs that the foundation has become compromised. Sometimes homeowners notice soil pulling away from the concrete slab – one of the earlier signs that a foundation watering system is needed. Arlington residents may notice that their backyards become swamps during heavy rainfall – signaling the need for a drainage solution. During dry weather, they may note dry, dead patches of lawn. Sloping, sagging, uneven floors are plainly evident in the worst case scenarios we see. Gaping cracks can run across an entire wall and plumbing pipes can spring a leak beneath the floorboards, causing thousands of dollars in water damage. We hope this has not happened to you, but if it has, we are at your service!

Types of foundation repair Arlington homes need

The type of foundation repair required will depend upon the type of foundation your home was built upon, the extent of the structural damage, the likelihood of recurrence, and the budget you can afford.

The most common Arlington foundation repairs we do include:

  • Concrete piling
  • Steel piling
  • Drilled pier
  • Spread footing

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There are many reasons to call Align Foundation Repair:

  • Our workers are third-generation foundation repair experts who grew up in the business.
  • We fix the root cause of your structural problems, not just the cosmetic issues!
  • Our scope of expertise includes drainage solutions, which can be crucial to the long-term success of the repairs.
  • We’ve maintained an A+ rating as Better Business Bureau members for nearly a decade.
  • We’re recommended by area Realtors!
  • Estimates are free and no-obligation.
  • All work comes with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty.
  • Most jobs are completed within one week’s time.

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Arlington Home Foundation Repair

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