While your home foundation is generally "out of sight, out of mind", when it begins to wear out, the symptoms will manifest in very visible issues with the walls, ceiling, door, windows, etc. Residents of Mesquite, TX, and surrounding areas should be on the lookout for these problem signs, due to the fact that soil conditions in this region are prone to causing shifts and cracks in home foundations. Need a free estimate for foundation repair in Mesquite, TX? Call the friendly, seasoned professionals at Align Foundation Repair today!

Why Soil Conditions in Texas Create Foundational Issues

Soil conditions vary drastically depending on the region of North America. In most of the Dallas Forth Worth and surrounding area, the soil is heavily clay-based. More specifically, the soil contains smectite clay. Smectite clay soil is also known as shrink-swell soil. This is because it is highly porous and does not drain well. This means the soil holds on to most of the water for prolonged periods, causing it to expand in volume and contract in dry times.

How Does This Affect the Foundation?

When clay soil absorbs water, it swells. This puts immense pressure on the vertical face of a foundation. Homeowners may notice problems in the form of uneven sloping in the floor, cracks in the walls/ceilings, or the door no longer shutting or opening properly.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that roughly one out of four homes in the U.S. incurs immense property value loss due to a damaged foundation caused by shifting soils. This means the soil accounts for a greater portion of property damage than other factors like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

What’s the Solution?

Prevention is key when it comes to foundation damage. An inspection, which homeowners should schedule annually, can pinpoint early signs of damage. The inspector can implement remediations before the problem worsens. If repairs are required, residential measures often include concrete or steel piling. The inspector may also recommend spread footing or drilled pier. The type of repair will depend on the type of structure and degree of existing damage.

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Do you see clear signs of foundation damage in your home in Mesquite, Texas? Are you not sure if there's damage, but want to address any problems early if they are there? We encourage Mesquite homeowners to give Align Foundation Repair a call to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate. An inspection can help prevent minor foundation cracks from spreading and eventually damaging the home. Should your foundation require repairs, our service comes with a lifetime warranty.

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