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While your home foundation is generally “out of sight, out of mind,” when it begins to wear out, the symptoms will manifest in very visible issues with the walls, ceiling, door, windows, and more. Residents of Mesquite, TX, and surrounding areas should be on the lookout for these problem signs, due to the fact that soil conditions in this region are prone to causing shifts and cracks in home foundations. Need a free estimate for foundation repair in Mesquite, TX? Call the friendly, seasoned professionals at Align Foundation Repair today!

Why Foundation Repair in Mesquite Is So Common

Soil conditions vary drastically, depending on the region of North America. In most of the Dallas Forth Worth and surrounding area, the soil is heavily clay-based. More specifically, the soil contains smectite clay. Also known as “shrink-swell soil,” smectite clay soil is highly porous and does not drain well. The soil holds onto most of the water for prolonged periods, causing it to expand in volume during wet periods and contract in dry spells.

When clay soil absorbs water, it swells. This puts immense pressure on the vertical face of a foundation. Homeowners may notice problems in the form of:

  • Uneven sloping in the floor
  • Cracks in the walls/ceilings
  • Doors no longer shutting or opening properly

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that roughly one out of four homes in the U.S. incurs immense property value loss due to a damaged foundation caused by shifting soils. This means the soil accounts for a greater portion of property damage than other factors like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. That is why Mesquite homeowners require foundation repair services more than homeowners in other parts of the country.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Prevention is key when it comes to foundation damage. An inspection, which homeowners should schedule annually, can pinpoint early signs of damage. The inspector can implement remediations before the problem worsens.

If foundation repair services are needed, the inspector may recommend:

  • Concrete piling
  • Steel piling
  • Spread footing
  • Drilled piers

The type of repair will depend on the type of structure and degree of existing damage.

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    Drainage System Repair in Mesquite, Texas

    Excess water is an underlying concern for most foundations in peril, which is why we offer comprehensive Mesquite drainage system repair services. At Align Foundation Repair, we believe in addressing underlying problems with lasting solutions, so you’re not constantly concerned with the structural integrity of your property.

    We offer many different drainage solutions to suit every property type, need, and budget:

    • Soil grading and contouring to move water away from the home.
    • The installation of surface area drains to collect and remove ground-level water.
    • The installation of French drain trenches to redirect deeper-level water away from the home.
    • Gutter extensions and proper downspout diversion to prevent pooling beneath the slab and flooding.

    Concrete Raising in Mesquite, Texas

    Sunken sidewalks, patios, garage floors, and decks can indicate the need for affordable-yet-effective Mesquite concrete raising. Our concrete raising solutions typically involve a mixture of sandy loam and Portland soils injected into lifting holes to raise the concrete to a more desirable level. Void holes are filled with strong supports, so your home is better prepared to weather the elements.

    We’ll make sure everything is level, use patching concrete on all holes, clean your concrete thoroughly, and leave your property in pristine condition.

    Align Foundation Repair is your Mesquite Foundation Repair Contractor

    If you live in Mesquite or one of our DFW foundation repair service areas, call Align Foundation Repair to address any signs of foundation damage. Mesquite homeowners have trusted in our Mesquite foundation repair contractors since 2010.

    Scheduling a free inspection with an A+ rated BBB foundation expert is the first step toward bolstering your property. If something is wrong, our experts will discuss repair options and preventative measures to stop minor foundation cracks from spreading. We are proud to offer the best foundation repair Mesquite TX has to offer, with a lifetime warranty for all service.

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