Channel Drain Solutions
Channel drains (also known as trench drains) are quite commonplace in both residential and commercial sites. The drain is flush with the floor or driveway or forms the perimeter of a landscape. People don't really give second-thought about them, but their function is paramount for the health of a building foundation. Align Foundation Repair installs new systems, or repairs/modifies existing ones.

Channel drains collect water in areas in concrete that are prone to accumulating water. Channel drains can be customized in many lengths to ensure your concrete no longer collects water. They can be used in conjunction with other types of drainage systems to ensure that all concrete areas are dry and free of excess water.

Why Channel Drains?

Weather in the Dallas-Fort Worth region can change abruptly. The region is prone to heavy rain spells, and overnight rain can leave roads, driveways, and lawns flooded with standing water. A channel drain system gives that water a place to go rather than camp out on your property, where it can seep dangerously close to the foundation and cause gradual damage. Prolonged standing water can also be detrimental to trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Channel Drains from Align Foundation Repair

We install custom channel drains, the keyword being “custom.” This is particularly important because no two residences or commercial properties are exactly alike. Custom solutions take into account various facets, such as property size, layout, soil conditions, and existing drainage systems.

We begin with an in-person evaluation of the home and a subsequent consultation with the property owners for outlining a blueprint for a channel drain installation. The plan includes a robust channel drain that meets all of these conditions:

  • A complete trench/channel drain system that does not interfere with underground cables, utilities, or municipal sewer lines.
  • A drain that does not inhibit the property’s curb appeal
  • A drain that can work in unison with existing drain components, such as the gutter and downspout
  • A drain with heavy-duty grates that do not rust and keeps out solids while enabling liquids to seamlessly flow through.

Our drains are built with modular sections for easy handling and reduced labor. Every step of the process is carefully measured. The sections are installed, for instance, at a precise slope to allow optimal flow rate.

We Install State-of-the-Art Channel Systems

For all its durability and structural integrity, a concrete foundation is not the least bit immune to the effects of prolonged water exposure. We perform channel drain installation using the most robust material on the market. With our industry expertise, we can develop a custom system that draws water towards the channel and away from the foundation. Contact us today for a free estimate.

We proudly provide our drainage services throughout Dallas - Fort Worth. Explore our service areas. Contact us with any drainage questions today!