Customized Drainage Solutions Before and After

Drainage systems don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. They have to be precisely measured and installed according to the property's layout. Custom drainage solutions from Align Foundation Repair are tailored to your residence. We examine every aspect of your property, from house size to soil conditions. This careful evaluation allows our technicians to install a drain system customized for maximum water diversion.

Each drainage assessment will be done only after a site visit to make sure the solution matches the problem. We can solve:

• Yard pooling issues
• Pooling around the foundation that causes foundation damage
• Water penetrating into your house when it rains
• Water pooling under your pier and beam foundation

Why Custom Solutions Matter

No two homes are identical. This is true even of homes of similar size, style, architecture, and region. This is why each custom drainage system must be installed on a case-by-case basis. Custom solutions often include a combination of channel and driveway drains, downspouts, and catch basins. These components work in unison and are hardly ever work-alone systems separate from one another.

Drainages cannot be assembled using a universal blueprint. Each property, whether residential or commercial, is unique and requires an in-person assessment from a custom drainage specialist. The assessment isn’t merely a quick run-through of the property grounds. It includes a careful examination of various facets, such as property location, presence of existing drainage parts, and soil condition. That last point is especially relevant. The Dallas-Fort Worth region is known for heavy sand and clay-based soil. These elements are porous and account for the large number of foundation failures in the Garland and greater area.

Potential Solutions

Custom drainage installation can consist of a variety of configurations. It all depends on the layout of your property. As part of the initial evaluation, our specialist will consult with you, so you know what type of drainage we have in mind. The final solution will likely consist of one or a combination of the following:

  • Area and surface drains for removing standing water
  • French drains for controlling ground water and minimizing saturated soil
  • Gutter downspout connections that diverts water from the roof and shuttles the water far away
  • Sump pump for pumping out water if the property lies at the bottom end of a slope

Give Us a Call for Custom Drain Enquiries

Every drainage problem requires a unique and custom approach. No two site drainage issues are alike. Each assessment from one of our knowledgeable technicians concludes with a custom drainage plan. The drainage we install prevents water intrusion, such as pooling water around the foundation and water penetrating into the home interior or under the pier and beam foundation. Contact Align Foundation Repair today and get a free estimate.

We proudly provide our drainage services throughout Dallas - Fort Worth. Explore our service areas. Contact us with any drainage questions today!