Your home is only as stable as the foundation it rests on. That’s why scheduling an immediate inspection upon noticing signs of movement is critical. Catching foundation problems early can save you significant money in repair work down the road.

Get prompt, comprehensive foundation inspection services from the trusted pros at Align Foundation Repair. We’ve built our reputation on bringing transparency to every step of the process. If we find an issue with your foundation, we’ll give you an honest assessment of what repairs are needed to remedy the situation and how much it will cost. We provide a  free foundation repair estimate, so that you can make a fully informed decision about how you want to proceed.

What Happens During a Foundation Inspection?

When you schedule an inspection with Align Foundation Repair, one or more of the following may occur:

  • Examination of the Home’s Exterior – The inspector will assess the perimeter of the home to detect any pooling water around the foundation. They will also look at the exterior walls to determine whether they’re warped or misshapen. Both signs can indicate foundation problems.
  • Assessment of the Interior – Inside the home, the inspector will look for cracks in walls, bowing floors, and other defects. These issues can occur when the foundation shifts, which will cause ripple effects throughout the structure of the home.
  • Checks of Windows and Doors – A shifting foundation can also cause the frames of windows and doors to fall out of whack. As a result, these fixtures will be much harder to open and close, as the frames will no longer be even.
  • Crawlspace Inspection – Rotting wood within the crawlspace is a clear sign that water damage is taking a toll on your home. Similarly, mold growth in the space indicates issues with drainage, which means that moisture is pooling within the soil around your foundation.

Why Are Foundation Inspections So Crucial to Your Home?

Even seemingly minor foundation defects can have a drastic impact on your home. For example, a failing foundation can allow water to flow into your basement. Issues like moisture intrusion and mold growth are likely to follow, which can damage expensive fixtures and worsen allergy symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

If foundation damage is allowed to persist, you may find that your walls and ceilings develop cracks. Doors and windows may no longer fit easily into their frames, and floors may become bowed and uneven.

Foundation inspections can detect damage well before these serious problems occur, which saves you money and ensures your home remains a safe place to live.

What Happens If the Home Foundation Inspection Uncovers Damage?

In the event we detect problems during the home foundation inspection, we’ll recommend a suitable plan of action. Our team at Align Foundation Repair offers a range of foundation repair services, including:

  • Pier and Beam
  • Concrete Pressed Pier
  • Drilled Pier
  • Steel Piling

We can also make drainage improvements to your home to prevent future foundation damage. Additionally, our repair services are backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to your home and foundation.

Foundation Inspection and Repair You Can Trust

Thanks to our dedicated and experienced team, Align Foundation Repair has built a reputation for performing trustworthy inspections for our customers. We discuss inspection results in plain language, which ensures you know exactly what you’re up against. Contact us today to schedule an inspection in Garland, TX or if you are located in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.