concrete raising pool deck

Anyone in North Texas that has been to a pool has seen a settled pool deck. The pool deck is not connected to the pool and can move independently. The cost to replace a pool deck can be very high. The alternative is raising it using our Concrete Raising method.

The concrete that borders the outer edges of the pool is subject to wear and tear as the material ages. Aside from unsightly visible chips and cracks, the surface is also prone to sinking, leaving an uneven surface where the concrete panels adjoin. This creates a serious tripping hazard.

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What Causes Concrete Deck Sinking?

Backfill rests just below the concrete. This keeps the surface firm and in place. However, during the deck’s construction, the builder may not have properly filled this part of the deck to capacity. Insufficient compactness causes the backfill to settle after several years, leading to pockets of air that eventually cause the deck to sink and crack.

In addition to sufficient backfill, a properly constructed deck should also include brackets for additional support.

Signs of Concrete Sinking

Cracks usually occur right before the slab sinks, so this may be an indicator of problems occurring beneath. However, all concrete cracks eventually, so it could just be the result of natural age. In any case, you may want to bring in an inspector just to be sure.
Another sign of concrete settlement is sloping. If walking over the area feels like you’re walking uphill or downhill, then settlement has already taken place.

Uneven Settlement

Another issue is that settlement rarely occurs in a single panel. Various panels bordering the pool may settle at different rates, causing the entire perimeter to be uneven. This poses multiple trip hazards, especially when exiting the pool. With the concrete wet from the pool water, even the deck sinking as little as half an inch can pose a safety issue, especially for children.

concrete raising for pool deck

The Solution: Concrete Pool Deck Lifting

The issue can be restored through concrete pool deck lifting. A concrete repair expert from Align Foundation Repair will come and assess the nature of the damage and put together a plan to restore it. If you agree to the proposal and estimate, a weather-dependent date will be set. Restoration is speedy, and in most cases, the pool doesn’t even have to be drained.

We Perform Concrete Pool Deck Leveling

Is your concrete pool deck sinking or cracking? Take steps now before this potential hazard gets worse – and more expensive to fix. Contact Align Foundation Repair for an initial assessment. Whether the concrete has settled by a few millimeters or an entire foot, we offer long-term solutions that Dallas homeowners can count on. We proudly offer our services across DFW. Explore our service areas and contact us today!