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Are you concerned about the condition of your home foundation? That’s not a problem that can afford to wait—you should call a professional right away. If you’re in need of capable foundation repair in Richardson, TX, then look no further than Align Foundation Repair. We have the depth of knowledge and the range of experience needed to diagnose your foundation problem and provide you with state-of-the-art repairs. In fact, you can always depend on us for the smart, customized solutions your home or commercial property requires.

Our Richardson Foundation Repair Services

As long-time foundation repair experts, we have seen a wide array of different types of foundations in Richardson, TX, as well as our other DFW foundation repair service areas. We understand the need to find a customized solution for every building. Align Foundation Repair can create a personalized plan for any of the following foundation types:

  • Pier and beam foundations. Modern pier and beam foundations are elevated wooden foundations with concrete perimeters affixed to concrete piers positioned 18-24” off the ground. Older homes may be supported by tree stumps or wooden piers. While the crawl space makes plumbing and electrical repairs easier, it also opens up the home to dampness, mildew, rot, and pest infestations.
  • California slab foundations. Slab foundations became popular in the 1960s, with reinforced concrete pads poured directly onto the ground at the home sites. They are easy to install and alleviate worries about rodents, insects, and water problems beneath the home. However, changes in weather can sometimes cause settling foundation issues. They also have a framed area above the slab to give them the illusion of a pier and beam foundation.
  • Slab on grade foundations. Slab on grade foundations, sometimes known as “floating” slab foundations, are concrete floor slabs poured at ground level with a thick perimeter to distribute the weight evenly. Sloping floors, leaning chimneys, or foundation settling are all common issues that we see.

We specialize in multiple foundation repair methods to best meet your needs and budget, including concrete piling, steel piling, drilled pier repair, and spread footing. Our goal is to make sure that your building has a strong, solid foundation that will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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    Our Richardson Concrete Raising Services

    Are you worried about the condition of the sidewalks, pool decks, or other concrete surfaces on your North Texas property? Settling surfaces can be a problem for everyone, from apartment management companies to residential homeowners. Our professional concrete raising solutions can help you restore the appearance of your surfaces and keep your property safe. Toward that goal, we offer a variety of different services to suit the needs of our clients, including:

    • Patio repair
    • Driveway repair
    • Concrete walkway repair
    • Pier and beam concrete garage floor repair
    • Concrete pool deck repair

    Our Richardson Drainage System Repair Solutions

    If water is allowed to accumulate and stand in your yard, it can lead to serious—and expensive—damage, including foundation damage. That’s why proper drainage is so important for any building. At Align Foundation Repair, our team has extensive experience providing customized drainage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

    The benefits of having a professionally designed drainage system include:

    • Preventing standing water in your yard
    • Slowing down soil erosion
    • Protecting your foundation from water damage
    • Discouraging mosquitoes and other pests

    Our Affordable Foundation Repair Services in Richardson, TX

    At Align Foundation Repair, we work to make financing for our foundation repair services as easy, convenient, and affordable as possible. Some financing options allow no down payment and 0% interest for 12 months, with a quick and easy application process. Guaranteed financing is available for customers who agree to put sufficient money down.

    Some customers pay just $125 a month for their repairs, so there is no reason to postpone calling for your free estimate.

    Align Foundation Repair Is Your Richardson Foundation Repair Contractor

    Are you in urgent need of a foundation repair? No problem! Get in touch with us today, and we will visit your property to do a free, no-obligation estimate. You can always rely on Align Foundation Repair for speedy, affordable, and high-quality foundation repairs, as well as concrete raising and drainage repair services.

    Our family-owned and operated business has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area since we first opened our doors in 2010. We back up all of our work with our Lifetime Home Repair Service Transferable Warranty, which ensures that any future issues related to our workmanship will be fixed free of charge.

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