Align Foundation Repair services multiple municipalities around the Dallas-Worth, Texas, area. This includes the city of McKinney. As a home ages, certain components like the roof and plumbing are bound to erode and give way. This is especially true of the foundation. Fortunately, with regular inspections, you can prevent costly damage that would drastically hurt your property’s value.

Types of Foundation Repair McKinney Homes Require

There is no uniform solution for foundation repairs. Every home and commercial structure are different and will require a different remedy. Some of the common solutions include concrete and steel piles, which address most residential structural issues. An inspector will determine which method is ideal for restoring a settling foundation that’s exhibiting signs of failure.

Why McKinney Foundation Repair Is Necessary

The soil in the McKinney area is prone to weather exposure and humidity. This causes soil expansion and heaving. When the soil heaves, so does the foundation that rests on the soil. As subtle as the shifts are, if it happens frequently enough, it will eventually cause the foundation to settle. One crack causes a domino effect that leads to larger splits and even cracks in the walls and ceiling. Even a crack as small as 1/8th of an inch can be a catalyst for far more severe damage. For homeowners, they may notice that parts of the home feel uneven or sloped in certain areas.

Why You Must Hire a Reliable Inspector

In McKinney, soil conditions vary. The west side of the city has more rocky soil. Further east, the soil has heavier concentrations of clay and black gumbo. The different soil makeup determines how deeply the piers must be driven. A reputable, locally-based contractor will have knowledge of this and factor it in when determining the extent of the damage and appropriate remedies.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Act fast and call Align Foundation Repair if you notice signs indicating possible foundation damage. We provide affordable foundation repair in McKinney, TX, and throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. If damage exists, repairs will be necessary to restore a home or other structure to its original position and to fortify its foundational integrity. All of our repairs are backed by a home foundation repair warranty. An initial inspection and home foundation repair estimate are free of charge.

McKinney Home Foundation

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