For effective, affordable foundation repair Frisco, TX residents have come to rely on, choose Align Foundation Repair.

An expansive clay zone stretches along the Dallas Fort-Worth area, which expands upon prolonged exposure to water shrinks in times drought. An estimated 60 percent of homes or businesses built on expansive clay soils will suffer minor damage during their lifetime, but 10 percent will experience significant damage. The foundation is the rock your home is built upon. Align Foundation Repair is happy to send trained technicians out to take a look and help you resolve any issues with your business or home’s foundation swiftly and efficiently.

Signs you need foundation repair in Frisco

What are the tell-tale signs you need foundation repair in Frisco, TX? Do not delay in seeking assistance if you experience:

  • Cracks in walls, brick, and mortar
  • Sagging, sloping, or uneven floors
  • Plumbing leaks beneath the floors
  • Cracked stairs or leaning decks
  • Standing water in predictable parts of the yard
  • House shifting that causes doors and windows to not shut properly

Foundation repair Frisco residents put their trust in

Our experienced team is here to help. Our Frisco foundation repair services include:

  • Free routine foundation inspections
  • Free damage assessments and estimates
  • Foundation repairs
  • Drainage system repairs

Our team evaluates underlying structural issues to remedy the root problem, not just the cosmetic, surface-level issue. We perform a wide variety of different foundation repairs to suit every budget or situation, from concrete and steel piling, to drilled piers and spread footing. We provide exterior drainage solutions as well. All of our work comes with a Lifetime Warranty to give you added peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about your foundation again!

Why we’re the best foundation repair Frisco, Texas has to offer

Align Foundation Repair is dedicated to honest service and high quality repairs. Our company founders are third-generation foundation repair professionals who grew up in the family trade. We are members of the National Foundation Repair Association and enjoy an A+ rating as members of the Better Business Bureau. Over the past 7+ years, we’ve become the “go-to” resource for realtors fielding questions about the integrity of Frisco foundations, as well as a trusted source for foundation repairs of both residential and commercial properties. Contact our office for a free quote.

Frisco Home Foundation Repair

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