Your home is probably your biggest investment. This investment can grow or dip in value depending on its current condition. The foundation is one crucial aspect that can affect the overall value of your property. Paying attention to signs of foundation damage in and around Rowlett, Texas, is especially important, as soil conditions in the area are prone to dramatic cycles of expansion and contraction. Don't find out too late that your home is on shaky footing! Call Align Foundation Repair to schedule a free inspection. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your home's foundation, and give you a free estimate if repairs are needed.

Why Is Foundation Repair in Rowlett Important?

Rowlett and surrounding areas have a predominantly clay-based soil formed through shale and limestone. Clay is highly porous and shrinks when there is a lack of moisture in the summer. During heavy rainfall and humidity, the clay absorbs water and expands. Clay soils in the region can expand in volume by as much as 10% during rainy seasons.

This creates a back-and-forth shrinking and expanding that ultimately affects the stability of foundations built over the soil. Older residential foundations are especially prone to cracks as a result of movement brought on by the heaving soil beneath.

Types of Foundation Repairs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for foundation repairs. The specific solution will depend on different variables, such as the type of foundation, its age, and the overall structural damage. An inspector will evaluate your foundation and determine an appropriate course of action. For the typical residence, concrete piling is often the go-to solution. However, other methods may be considered, such as steel piling, spread footing, and drilled pier.

Does Your Home Require an Inspection?

Signs of a compromised foundation can be blatant, but in the early stages of foundation shifting, the clues can be subtle. This may include a window or door requiring more effort than usual to completely open or shut. You should also consider an inspection if heavy rainfall has created pooling water around the home’s perimeter, or you notice cracks forming around the walls or ceiling. Even a roof leak – while seemingly unrelated – may indicate that a foundation is shifting.

Schedule an Inspection

Prevention measures go a long way towards keeping you from having to spend a lot of money on foundation repairs. By getting on top of the issue early, Rowlett, TX homeowners can save thousands of dollars down the road. If you notice any of the above signs of damage, then give Align Foundation Repair a call. We provide a free estimate if repairs are required. All services are backed by a foundation repair lifetime warranty.

Rowlett Home Foundation Repair

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