Foundation issues manifest in many different ways. Not all homes will exhibit the same physical symptoms of settling. Age of home, soil type, and foundation type will dictate what symptoms can occur. For a quick and simple explanation of the various signs of foundation problems, both minor and major. These problems range from sheet rock cracks and tile cracks, to large ceiling fractures and misaligned doors. Inform your self so you can help protect your largest investment. Your home.

Sheet Rock Cracks

This is the most common symptom. Sheetrock is brittle and has many joints, so it may be the first symptom you notice.

Brick and Masonry Cracks

Most homes in North Texas are constructed with stone or brick veneer. Stone and brick joints are very likely to crack if your home has experienced settling. If you see cracks in your brick or stone veneer, you should call immediately.

Window Issues

Symptoms with windows include binding, cracking and torqueing. If you see separations around the exterior opening of the window it is an almost certain sign of foundation problems.

Door Problems

A major sign of a foundation problem is a door(s) that are not functioning properly. A few noticeable signs to look out for are: door(s) that sticks at the top of the frame, door(s) that will not latch or even doors that swing rapidly on there own. If one of your doors is binding or will not latch, this could be a sign of foundation shifting.

Plumbing Breaks

Foundation issues routinely cause and/or are caused by plumbing problems. If you have plumbing problems underneath your property, whether it be a slab or pier and beam, chances are you might have foundation problems. The bottom line is foundation movement causes plumbing problems. Conversely, plumbing issues cause foundation movement. If you suspect you have a leak you should also evaluate your foundation.

Cracking and Buckling Flooring

All flooring types respond differently to foundation movement. If you notice buckling, rippling, separations, or cracking in your floor covering the likelihood of a foundation issue is high.

Roofing Problems

If you are starting to have some roofing issues, one possible cause if your foundation. As your foundation settles it puts stress on the super structure, stretching it out and causing the roof to stretch past its tolerances. This problem is not as common, but if you notice ripples in your roof in conjunction with any of the other common signs please call.

Trim Separations

Exterior trim separations are a good indicator of foundation movement.

Uneven Floors

If you notice that your floors are uneven, you may have a foundation issue.