Foundation issues manifest in many different ways. Not all homes will exhibit the same physical symptoms of settling. The age of the home, soil characteristics, and foundation type will dictate which symptoms occur.

Knowing how to spot a problem early can save a lot of foundation repair expense down the road.

Protect your largest investment: Your home. Align Foundation Repair professionals are happy to schedule a free inspection to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s foundation.

How to spot foundation problems

Symptoms of foundation problems may include one or more of the following:

Sheet Rock Cracks

Sheetrock is brittle and has many joints, so it may be the first symptom you notice. It is also the most common.

Brick and Masonry Cracks

Most homes in North Texas are constructed with stone or brick veneer. Stone and brick joints are very likely to crack if your home has experienced settling. If you see cracks in your brick or stone veneer, you should call us immediately.

Window Issues

Symptoms with windows include binding, cracking and torqueing. If you see separations around the exterior opening of the window, it is an almost certain sign of foundation problems.

Door Problems

Doors that do not function properly are another tell-tale sign of foundation trouble. Look for doors that stick at the top of the frame, that will not latch, or that swing rapidly on their own.

Cracking and Buckling Flooring

Depending on the flooring type, you may notice buckling, rippling, separations, or cracking.

Plumbing Breaks

Foundation movement causes plumbing leaks beneath the home, whether you have a slab or pier-and-beam type of foundation. 

Trim Separations

Exterior trim separations are a good indicator of foundation movement.

Uneven Floors

If you notice that your floors are uneven, you may have a foundation issue.

Roofing Problems

You may assume the roof would be the last place we’d look for signs of foundation damage, but a settling foundation places stress on the super structure, stretching it out and causing the roof to stretch past its tolerance limits. This type of problem is not as common as some of the other signs, but call us if you notice rippling roofing materials.

Once you spot foundation problems, what happens next? 

Align Foundation Repair offers a wide range of solutions for every foundation type and every budget. We also offer a number of financing options, so there is really no reason to wait until the problem worsens.

Once you call, a professional from Align Foundation Repair will come out to your home or business and conduct a free examination and of the structure. You will receive an emailed quote that lets you know what damage was found, what will be required to fix it, and how much it will cost. If you accept the terms and conditions outlined in the estimate, then we will schedule a day and time for the work to be done. Most jobs are completed within one week’s time.

Types of repairs we do include:

Most work comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that increases the value of your property. We understand what a big decision choosing a Dallas Fort Worth foundation contractor is, as your home is likely your biggest investment. We’re happy to provide you with added peace of mind that we do quality repairs and stand behind our workmanship.

Align Foundation Repair spots foundation problems for area Realtors

Area Realtors are among our largest referral network. These professionals recognize our expertise in assessing properties for possible signs of foundation damage, so their buyers can make the most informed decisions prior to purchasing. We are members of the National Foundation Repair Association and A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau.

As a small, third-generation, family-run business, we truly value each and every client, so you will never feel like a number! Our prompt, courteous foundation experts promise to get the job done right the first time. If you’ve spotted a problem, contact us right away for your free inspection.