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Are there sudden gaps at the top of your door frames? Cracks around your windows or fireplace? Does it seem as though the floor is sloping or uneven? Do you have moisture accumulation in your backyard or basement? It’s not the news any homeowner wants to hear, but it sounds like you have classic signs of foundation damage.

Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’re blessed with warm weather and sunshine year-round, but the drought-like conditions we experience and the clay soils our homes and businesses are built upon make us predisposed to foundation issues. About 60 percent of area properties will display some type of foundation damage.


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Foundation repair DFW residents can afford

To mitigate your losses, you need a professional who is well versed in the different types of foundation repair services that apply to your situation for the fastest, most affordable, and most long-lasting fix. Align Foundation Repair offers just such professionals who are the third generation of a local, family-owned-and-operated business in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Align Foundation Repair takes the financial stress off your shoulders by making foundation repair financing as easy, convenient, and affordable as possible. Some financing options allow for no down payment and 0% interest for 12 months, with a quick application process. Guaranteed financing is available for customers who agree to put sufficient money down. Other financing options include credit cards, checks, debit, money orders, loans, and grants. Some customers pay just $125/month for their repairs, so there is no reason to delay calling for your free estimate.

Types of DFW foundation repair

Your DFW foundation repair may include:

  • Steel piling with strong, reinforced steel capable of sustaining high-load commercial real estate on weak soil.
  • Concrete piling, a fast and affordable, yet durable, way to reinforce concrete foundations.
  • Drilled pier repair consisting of steel and concrete to support additions, patios, and residences.
  • Spread footing to support shallow pier-and-beam foundations.
  • Mudjacking stabilization to temporarily halt shifting slabs until major renovation work can be done.
  • Crawl space encapsulation helps defend against moisture-related issues that can affect the stability of beams.

Align Foundation Repair thrives on referral business, so you’ll never feel like “the last job” on our list. We complete most foundation repair in the DFW Metroplex within one week. As members of the National Foundation Repair Association and A+ members of the Better Business Bureau, you can feel comfortable in our abilities to do the job right the first time. For added peace of mind, all workmanship comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty that increases the value of your home or business. Call now for your free estimate to see why we’re top-referred foundation inspectors and repair experts consulted by DFW real estate agents.