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The integrity of your foundation has a lot to do with the soil the concrete slab is built upon. Like much of the Dallas Fort Worth region, Forney typically has heavy clay-based soil, making it highly porous and susceptible to moisture absorption. Over time, expansion and contraction of the soil can jeopardize the structural integrity of your foundation. If you see signs of a compromised foundation – including growing cracks in the walls and ceilings, doors that won’t shut properly, and uneven floors – call the expert technicians at Align Foundation Repair immediately. We provide free, no-obligation inspections and repair estimates to residents of Forney, TX, and throughout the Dallas Fort Worth region.

Signs Your Forney Home Requires Foundation Repair

You can’t perform a direct visual analysis of your concrete foundation. There are, however, indirect signs that alert you that the foundation may be compromised. You may notice gaps around the doors and/or windows, which may no longer properly shut or open. The first floor may even feel uneven or “off.” The walls and ceiling may begin cracking. Separation may also occur at the joints or where the wall and ceiling meet.

Outside the home, you may notice water that lingers for extended periods post-rainfall. The water collects around the border of the home.

Too often, homeowners fail to take action, shrugging off these signs as the house merely “settling” or the natural byproduct of an aging structure. However, by ignoring the signs, you may be allowing an existing foundation problem to gradually become worse.

Types of Foundation Repair in Forney

When it comes to finding the right repair method for your home, various factors come into play, including the extent of the damage, the causes, and the soil conditions. This is why an inspector needs to perform a thorough evaluation and determine the appropriate remedy. In nearly every case, a foundation repair in Forney includes concrete or steel piling, drilled pier, or spread footing. These tried-and-proven methods restore the foundation and prevent future recurrences. Additional measures may include the installation or restoration of a ground-level drainage system.

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    Unfortunately, foundation damage in the Dallas-Fort Worth region is quite common due to clay-based soil that is prone to dramatic expansion and contraction cycles based on rainfall and other weather factors. If you notice one or more signs of foundation damage, give Align Foundation Repair a call. All comprehensive inspections come with a free estimate, and our work is backed by a lifetime warranty. We are proud to serve the Forney, Texas, community with personable, customized service, and long-term results you can rely on.

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