Void Filling Under Concrete

Rainwater runoff and animals can create voids under concrete structures. The longer the void exists the more likely it is to cause failure in the concrete. Align Foundation Repair can fill the voids left by water and animals to protect the structures on your property.

Concrete is only as durable as the filling that rests beneath. Even the most solid concrete slabs will sink, crack, and slope if the filling is inadequate. If you notice broken or uneven concrete in your exterior walkway or driveway, then the problem might be with the fill rather than the concrete itself. Contact Align Foundation Repair to learn more about filling voids under concrete slabs on your property.

What Causes Voids Beneath Concrete?

The fill may erode for various reasons. The prime cause is inadequate filling by the contractor. Not using enough fill or use of low-quality fill material may lead to poor compaction and erosion. The fill may also be vulnerable to moisture, causing it to contract and expand. The movement causes shifting in the concrete slab, resulting in fractures and splits.

In addition, if the fill is accessible, pets may dig and create large gaps between the fill and concrete.

Proper Concrete Void Filling

Voids are less common (but can happen) in more recent homes due to new innovative practices in the industry. Many contractors nowadays use a vibration machine to fill the void to absolute capacity with no room for the slightest gap.
Unfortunately, voids beneath concrete are common in many older homes. This is why filling voids in concrete is a necessity for many homes in the Garland, TX, area.

Filling Voids Under Concrete: At a Glance

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with an inspector from Align Foundation Repair if you notice visible signs of sloping or cracks in the concrete. The inspector will determine the degree of settling and come up with a repair estimate.

In most cases, voids can be filled using a mix of sandy loam and Portland mixture. We can also repair the concrete if it endured physical damage from the settlement beneath. Remediation seldom requires digging out the entire driveway or walkway. All it requires is drilling a small hole to fill the void to concrete-supporting levels.

We Fill Concrete Voids

Voids are the unseen weakest link in a home foundation that can cause immense damage. The longer a void lingers, the more damage the concrete will incur. We advise homeowners not to overlook this issue. Contact Align Foundation Repair experts for a free initial inspection, during which we will put together a plan to fix the problem that fit your budget and timeline. We proudly offer our concrete services across DFW. Explore our service areas today and call for a quote!