Concrete pressed pier is a popular and effective solution for both residential and commercial foundation repair. Benefits of concrete piling for foundation repair include:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High load capacity
  • Resistant to water damage
  • Affordable

To find out if concrete pressed pier is the right choice to correct your foundation problems, contact Align Foundation Repair to schedule a free inspection and estimate. We offer a full spectrum of cost-effective foundation repair service solutions to residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. If the structural integrity of your home or business is in question, get constructive answers you can trust from the experts at Align Foundation Repair. Call today to schedule a home visit!

What Is Concrete Pressed Pier?

Concrete pressed piers are heavy-duty weight-bearing cylinders that are installed deep into the ground under a foundation. They are set in place with hydraulic equipment.

Concrete piling works by enabling a transfer of the building’s load to the deeper soil or bedrock layers beneath the structure.

Advantages of Concrete Pressed Pier

Reasons to use a concrete pressed pier are numerous and include these advantages:

  1. Longevity and durability. Concrete pressed pier will last as long as a concrete foundation itself.
  2. Speed of installation. Concrete pressed pier can be installed in half the time as a concrete drilled pier.
  3. Can be used right away. Homeowners can move in as soon as the piers are installed. A concrete drilled pier, by contrast, requires setting for 7 days before use.
  4. Reasonable cost. Less expensive than other foundation repairs, such as steel piers.
  5. Warranty. All pier installation comes with a lifetime and transferrable warranty.

Installation of concrete pressed pier requires only minimal intrusions at the site, and the surrounding landscaping generally remains undisturbed.

When Concrete Pressed Pier Is Used

Whether or not to use concrete pressed pier depends on a number of factors, including the extent and nature of the damage to the foundation, as well as the soil condition. Only a professional evaluation from an experienced inspector can determine the best foundation repair solution for your property, but typically concrete pressed pier is an effective choice when the higher levels of soil are weak and failing to support the structure's weight or situations where the structure’s load is exceptionally heavy.

Align Foundation Repair: Experienced and Reliable Concrete Pressed Pier Contractor

At Align Foundation Repair, concrete pressed pier installation is one of our most popular services, offering an affordable, flexible solution for maximum structural support that can be installed and functional in almost no time.

The effectiveness of concrete pressed pier is all about the strength and quality of the concrete used. We use only the highest quality concrete products available.

Our installers are the most experienced in the business. We are a reliable and experienced crew who have long served the Dallas and Ft Worth community. Explore our service areas today and call for a quote if you believe your home has foundation damage or drainage issues.

Concrete pressed pier costs are reasonable and cheaper than many foundation installation/repair services. Contact Align Foundation Repair for a free estimate and determine whether concrete pressed pier is right for your residential or commercial needs.