Concrete piling is one of the most commonly used foundation repairs for housing and light commercial construction.

A concrete pile is a column made of concrete that is installed into the earth under a foundation. The piles are set in place via hydraulic equipment. They can be reinforced with steel bars to ensure maximum firmness and safety. They are hydraulically driven to load-bearing strata below the foundation being repaired.

Concrete piling work by enabling a transfer of the building’s load to load-bearing strata. The design of pile foundations, their efficiency, and their capacity is all determined by the foundation spacing and skin friction in a pile group.

Advantages of Concrete Piling

Concrete piling has multiple benefits.

  1. Longevity and durability. Concrete piling will last as long as a concrete foundation itself.
  2. Speed of installation. Concrete piling can be installed in half the time as a concrete drilled pier.
  3. Fast time to use. Concrete pilings can be used as soon as they are installed. A concrete drilled pier, in contrast, require setting for 7 days before use.
  4. Reasonable cost. Less expensive than other foundation repairs, such as steel piling.

Concreting of pile foundations requires quality and workability of concrete to be maintained for durable construction of pile foundations with required strength. The grade of concrete, its workability, consistency and mixing for concreting of pile foundation is discussed in this article. 

Align Foundation Repair: Experienced and Reliable Concrete Piling Contractor

At Align Foundation Repair, concrete piling is our most popular and most widely used pier. It’s a premium product that offers maximum support. Concrete piling can repair your foundation in just days.

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The reinforced option available ensures proper alignment every time.

Our products carry the best lifetime transferable warranty available.

Pier Installation at a Reasonable Cost

Concrete piling costs are reasonable and cheaper than many foundation repair services.

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