French Drain Solutions

Drainage issues are a primary cause of foundation damage. This is compounded by the fact that the heavy clay soils in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are prone to water absorption. A French drain system can prevent water from collecting around the foundation perimeter and causing long-term damage. Align Foundation Repair provides French drain installation for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

French drains come in many varieties to be used for a specific application or need. They are able to capture surface water and groundwater that can harm your foundation. French drains can be installed at varying depths to collect the water at the appropriate place. Our drains are constructed from durable PVC and not cheaper and lower-grade corrugated pipes that are prone to failure. PVC pipes ensure the drainage lasts for decades, if not a lifetime. We can also protect and waterproof basements and half basements.

Why Choose French Drain Installation from Align Foundation Repair?

French drains don’t come in a one-size-fits-all style. Many variations exist, and they often need to be customized to suit the specific needs of the residence. French drains from Align Foundation Repair are designed to capture surface and groundwater before they puddle too close to the foundation.

A technician will evaluate your property and determine the best areas and depth the drain should be installed. The eventual placement allows the drains to steer water away from areas where they can cause the most damage. When water pools too close to the home, it can cause damage to the concrete foundation as well as the basement.

The Installation Process

A French drain installation does not require the entire yard to be exhumed. In fact, the unit can complement existing home components already in place. If your house has an adequate gutter and spout system, for instance, we can install the drain so that water that enters the gutters exit the spout and directly into the drain or separate solid pipe.
The drain itself is installed beneath the soil and encompasses the entire perimeter of your home. In a way, you can think of it as an underground gutter system. The area above is filled with gravel, which allows water to easily enter through a path of least resistance. In this manner, water is diverted away from the foundation.

We Provide Custom Drainage Solutions

If you ever see water pool around the perimeter of your house, then the property lacks a drainage system, or the existing system is insufficient. Contact Align Foundation Repair for an evaluation. One of our technicians will be dispatched to inspect your home and provide a free estimate. While seemingly benign, water can create costly damage. French drain solutions nullify the effects of prolonged water exposure.

We proudly provide our drainage services throughout Dallas - Fort Worth. Explore our service areas. Contact us with any drainage questions today!