Drainage problems occur for numerous different reasons, and every situation may require a unique solution. After years of installing customized drainage systems we have found a process that makes finding the right drainage solution extremely effective. We always analyze the situation and discuss with the homeowners to fully understand the severity of their drainage problem before designing a plan that will solve their drainage dilemma. Follow the process below to see how we transformed one homeowner’s flood-prone driveway into a customized drainage solution.

Drainage Installation

Concrete Driveway CNeeds Custom Drainage Solution

Step 1

The angle of this driveway created a funnel for water to build up and form puddles. Flooding was a major problem for these homeowners because there was no place for the collecting water to go. They needed a custom drainage solution.

Step 2

We pinponted where the water would naturally collect. There, we dug out a trench wide enough to install a channel drain and a PVC pipe system.

Trench for Channel Drain and a PVC Pipe System
PVC Pipe and Two Surface Drains in the Trench

Step 3

We placed PVC pipe into the trench and added two surface drains to collect water from the lawn that is next to the driveway.

Step 4

We installed a channel drain and filled the trench with dirt to cover the PVC pipe.

Installing the Channel Drain and Filled the Trench with Dirt
Poured Concrete to Fill the Channel Drain Trench

Step 5

Finally, we poured concrete to fill the trench, only leaving the top of the channel drain exposed. We smoothed out the concrete to make the driveway nice and level. Then we let the concrete dry.

Step 6

This home is now protected from flooding and we prevented any future foundation problems that the flooding would have caused.

Custom Drain Installed in Driveway

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