For foundation repair Fort Worth, TX residents can put their trust in, contact Align Foundation Repair today.  We are known for our unsurpassed workmanship and total commitment to customer service. Our company founders are third-generation foundation repair pros who grew up in the business. All our work comes with a Lifetime Home Repair Transferable Warranty that increases the value of your real estate.

If your property is suffering from foundation damage, the rest of the structure is compromised. Contact Align Foundation Repair for a free inspection and estimate. 

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Tell-tale signs of foundation damage include:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks in the walls, around windows, and around doors
  • Doors that won’t close properly
  • Soil sloping away from the home
  • Moisture in basements, attics, and crawlspaces
  • Sloping or uneven flooring

Fort Worth, TX has some of the most expansive soils which, when combined with the right weather conditions, can cause shifting, settling, and damage to the foundation. It is unfortunately not uncommon for homeowners in the Metroplex to experience foundation problems even within the first few years of building their home.

Types of Fort Worth Foundation Repair

You can prevent thousands of dollars in damage by addressing foundation issues early. Calling Align Foundation Repair for a free inspection sooner rather than later will give you as many affordable options as possible. Keeping gutters cleared of debris, extending downspouts 10 feet away from the home, and watering the ground during droughts will also help reduce the cost of Fort Worth foundation repair.  Align Foundation Repair offers many different types of foundation fixes, depending on your home’s damage and your budget. For the most severe foundation damage, a drilled pier system using steel rods inserted under the foundation will effectively lift and stabilize the property.

Many of our customers opt for concrete piling – a cost-effective fix that can be installed quickly and is known for its longevity.

As a full-service contractor, we are also skilled in providing comprehensive drainage solutions.

Where To Find The Best Foundation Repair Fort Worth TX Has To Offer

For nearly a decade, Align Foundation Repair has built a reputation in Fort Worth, Texas for expert foundation repair that doesn’t need doing twice. As members of the National Foundation Repair Association and A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau, we are known for our in-depth knowledge of repair methods, our honest service, and high-quality work. Contact us for a free damage assessment.

If you're interested in having Align Foundation Repair solve your foundation problems, please contact us today!