If the foundation of your home or business is dangerously shifting, cracking, or sinking due to expanding clay soil in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, steel piling is a time-tested solution for stabilizing and/or raising the concrete slab and keeping it from any future settling.

Unlike other repair methods, steel piers take on the full load of the structure’s weight and do not rely on the weak uppermost soil layers for support. A steel piling is designed to handle higher-than-normal load requirements and therefore is a popular and effective choice for both commercial and residential structures.

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Benefits of a Steel Pile Foundation

There are many advantages of steel piling, including:

  • Durability – Though steel piling is lightweight, it is very strong and long-lasting. Steel piling has the ability to resist corrosion, moisture damage, and other deterioration.
  • Versatility – Steel piling can be used in both dense and soft soil.
  • Compression and Shift Resistant – While compression and shifting loads can damage a foundation, steel piling can resist these forces.
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What Is Steel Piling Foundation?

A pile is a long cylinder that is inserted into the ground to serve as a support for a structure.

Pile foundations are generally used when there is a weak layer of soil at the ground surface, as weak soil isn’t able to support the weight of a structure. The pile helps bypass the weak soil to put the structure’s weight on stronger rock or soil beneath.

Piles can be made from almost any strong material, from concrete to steel.

Steel Piling Contractors

Don’t mess around when it comes to the stability of your foundation. You need the best steel piling contractors to get the job done right.

Align Foundation Repair’s steel pile foundation repair offers a long-term solution with great features such as:

  • Dual wall construction provides the strongest pier in the industry
  • Comes with the best Lifetime Transferable Warranty in the industry
  • Interlocking Technology ensures alignment every time
  • 150+ years of rust-resistance with half-inch steel wall
  • Versatile structure usage
  • Bracket-less steel pier means no breaking and failing brackets

You can count on Align Foundation Repair servicing to get the job done right.

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The soil in the Dallas-Fort Worth region is prone to expanding and contracting, which can crack and destabilize your foundation. The sooner you address the problem, the more money you save yourself down the line. With steel piling, you can counteract the weak, shifting upper soil layers beneath your structure and ensure that your home or business is on solid footing for years to come. We are proud to offer our foundation repair and drainage services throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Explore our service areas today and call for a quote if you believe your home has foundation damage or drainage issues.

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