Align Foundation Repair offers steel piling that is ideal for use on almost all structures. It is specifically designed to handle higher-than-normal load requirements such as in commercial buildings, but can be used on almost all residential properties as well. Our expert installers can have a steel pile foundation installed on your job site in days, thus minimizing construction time. You will find that this is the best steel pier on the market today.

Steel piling lets you move ahead with construction despite non-optimal sub surface conditions. Whether the site features large loads, horizontal underground forces, or poor soil, steel piling is a time-tested solution.

Benefits of a steel pile foundation

A steel pile is a long cylinder constructed from either a steel pipe or rolled sheet steel. Steel piling is a lightweight but strong support and it is long-lasting in the environment, including through long-term exposure to the moisture in soil. It is often chosen for its versatility; a steel pile can be inserted in soft surfaces or dense.

Steel piling withstands compression and shifting loads. In a way, this increases the capacity of a steel pile foundation over time. Insertion of steel piling causes a displacement of soil and gravity helps to stabilize the piling through the pressure that the displaced soil places on and around the pile.

Benefits of steel pile foundation repair

Foundation repair is not something to be undertaken on a regular basis and steel pile foundation repair offers a long-term solution. Strong and corrosion-resistant steel piling offers a long-term solution that can withstand many geological conditions as well as changes in the weather.

Steel piling installed by Align Foundation Repair features:

  • Dual wall construction provides the strongest pier in the industry
  • Comes with the best Lifetime Transferable Warranty in the industry
  • Interlocking Technology ensures alignment every time
  • 150+ years of rust-resistance with half-inch steel wall
  • Versatile structure usage
  • Bracket-less steel pier means no breaking and failing brackets

Align Foundation Repair: Knowledgeable Texas steel piling contractors

When making a repair that affects the stability of your home or business, it is important to choose a company with the experience to understand your foundation problems. Align Foundation Repair specializes in foundation repair, including steel pile foundation repair, and will work with you to find a high-quality and affordable solution to repair your home or complex.






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