Drain Repair Services
Drain Repair Services

An outdoor drainage system is integral for preventing water from collecting around the foundation. Like the indoor pipes or the gutters, the drains require regular inspection. Clogs and other issues can prevent the system from draining water properly. Align Foundation Repair can examine the condition of your drainage system and determine whether drainage repair or a whole replacement is necessary.

If you have a current drain system in place and it is not functioning, we may be able to repair it. While replacement is required in some circumstances, repair or reconfiguration may also be possible. We can also help with how to maintain and preserve your drains.

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Signs of a Damaged Drainage System

The purpose of an outdoor French or similar drain is to collect water and shuttle it away from the foundation. If you still see water ponding adjacent to or near the foundation, then the drainage unit is failing. Most likely, there is a backup similar to the way a gutter can back up when it becomes overfilled with leaves, sediment, and other debris.

It’s also possible the pipes may have incurred damage in one way or another. Common damage includes:

  • Tree roots tearing into the pipes
  • Misalignment of pipe sections
  • Pipes “bellying” due to soil settlement

Unfortunately, since the pipes are usually located below the soil, detecting damage is not exactly a DIY job. Pooling water will definitely alert you that something is amiss with the system. From there, you will need to bring in a drainage repair specialist.

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How Can Align Foundation Repair Help?

We may be able to repair your drainage system if it’s not functioning properly. Our drain repair services are extensive and include pipe realignment, replacing single pipe sections, or a simple clearing of debris if the drain is merely clogged.

Once repairs are complete, we can guide you on how to maintain the system. While most drainages are maintenance-free, there are little actions here and there that prolong their life. Examples include not planting any trees near the system or mulching, the latter of which keeps the soil consistent. Soil consistency is especially important in a region like Dallas-Fort Worth, where soil is prone to compaction and moisture absorption. Constant changes in soil conditions can shift the pipes around.

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We Repair and Reconfigure Residential Drains

If installed correctly, a drain can last as long as the house itself. However, maintenance is required every few years, and certain components can go awry. Contact Align Foundation Repair if water is puddling in spite of an existing drainage system. We provide a free estimate with every evaluation. We will determine the issue and inform you of the repairs required or of a replacement if the damage is severe.

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