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Because your home foundation is not directly visible, homeowners must rely on indirect signs to alert them that the base slab concrete may be damaged, perhaps even splitting apart. This is actually quite common in homes in the Sachse region, given that the soil in the area is mainly expansive clay and notorious for contracting and eroding. Align Foundation Repair serves residents in and around the Dallas and greater Fort Worth region.

Why Foundation Repair in Sachse, TX?

Do you notice cracks running along the walls and ceiling? Do some parts of the home feel uneven or sloped? Maybe the doors and windows don’t properly latch shut. These are all common signs of foundation damage and signs we implore homeowners not to ignore.

What can happen if the foundation is left unchecked? The aforementioned signs can get worse. The walls and ceilings can separate completely. Your home can diminish in value significantly.

Foundation Repair Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Common foundation repair methods include concrete/steel piling, drilled pier, and spread footing. Which repair solution is right for your home depends on a variety of factors. A qualified technician from Align Foundation Repair is ready and able to provide a free foundation inspection of your Sachse home to determine the extent of the damage and customize an effective repair plan that fits your needs and budget.

Our expert technicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home’s foundation, which may include soil testing to determine the degree the soil has contributed to the damage. Preventative measures may also be in order and include ground-level drainage solutions, such as French or channel drains.

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