Concrete Raising of Sidewalk Before and After

Uneven walkways present a host of problems for a homeowner or apartment management company. The most obvious issue is that an uneven walkway makes the area look unkept and aged. However, the most significant problem is the liability associated with the trip hazards created when a sidewalk settles unevenly.

Walkways made of concrete can be raised to prevent standing water and trip hazards. Some cities put the responsibility on the home owner to repair sidewalks in front of their house. If your sidewalk is owned by the city, we can help you determine who is responsible for repair. Call Align Foundation Repair to see if we can repair the sidewalk or if the city is required to do so.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Before and After

Why Concrete Sidewalk Repair Is Necessary

Do you have a smooth and even walkway that borders your home or apartment complex? Due to damage from tree roots, earthquakes, or puddled water, part of the concrete may protrude outward, creating an uneven surface. If the walkway is part of your property or lies adjacent, you may be responsible for concrete walkway repair.

An uneven or protruding sidewalk is not only unsightly but also poses a safety and liability issue. Unsuspecting pedestrians can trip and fall. Uneven walkways may also cause pooling water, which can seep into the porous concrete and cause eventual warping and cracking.

Another common site is a sidewalk concrete joint sticking out about an inch higher than the rest of the joints. This may be due to soil settlement or poor initial construction. Either way, this presents a serious trip hazard, especially at night when the protrusion is barely visible.

Furthermore, you may receive a notification from the city requiring you to make arrangements for repairs. The responsibility for restoration work may rest on you or the municipality depending on the location of the sidewalk and jurisdiction codes.

If selling your property, a real estate agent may also suggest repairs before putting the home on the market.

How Concrete Sidewalk Repair Works

When you call Align Foundation Repair, we will send an inspector to evaluate the condition of the walkway. The evaluator will formulate a course of action. Raising the sidewalk is an intricate process that may vary depending on the nature of the problem. If the damage was caused by a tree root, for example, then part of the process may require tree or tree stump uprooting to prevent a future recurrence.

Our concrete raising technique is rarely intrusive and usually does not require the entire walkway to be cordoned off. Home occupants, tenants, and pedestrians can proceed with their daily affairs without major inconvenience. Once the concrete is raised, the new concrete melds seamlessly with the surrounding sidewalk.

Concrete Walkway Repair in Dallas, TX

An uneven concrete sidewalk may not appear to be a major issue. However, there can potentially be serious legal liability if someone trips over it and gets seriously hurt. Contact Align Foundation Repair for an initial evaluation and free concrete walkway repair estimate. Raising concrete walkways and driveways in and around Dallas, TX, is a mainstay in our operations. Explore our service areas and contact us for a quote today!