Foundation repair – two words that will keep even the most seasoned homeowner awake at night.  Your mind races with all the questions:  What is the extent of the damage? Is my family safe? How much is it going to cost? We offer free estimates for foundation repairs, so that’s one expense you don’t have to lose sleep over. Before you contact us, it is important to educate yourself first on the source of the problem.

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    Foundation Repair Inspection Free Estimate




    Recognizing the Signs

    A tilted chimney. Cracks in the walls. A stubborn door that sticks. It is important to address these issues immediately, because if left unattended, the structural problems may worsen, which leads to more costly repair measures. Moreover, if it is fixed incorrectly, it will only compound the problem – lowering your home’s resale value.

    Look for these warning signs in the exterior, interior and basement of your home:


    • Leaning or tilted chimneys
    • Cracks in the brickwork
    • Gaps around windows and doors
    • Fascia board pulled away


    • Misaligned trim or molding
    • Windows or doors that stick
    • Drywall cracks
    • Misaligned windows and doors


    Factors Leading to Foundation Problems

    Foundation problems can stem from several factors. These include poor and inadequate drainage, dry or poor soil conditions and plumbing leaks.  Merely patching up cracks over time is not enough – you need an experienced professional to analyze the root causes and develop a repair plan.

    Trust an Industry Leader to Do the Job

    Align Foundation Repair is a full-service, family-owned foundation repair and drainage solution company dedicated to the highest quality repair in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. We focus on customer service as much as the quality products we install and provide. We are also committed to research and development, finding the highest level of products to provide for our customers at prices you can afford.

     Finding the Right Solution

    Once you are ready to get an estimate, a structural advisor will come to your home to assess the damage. They will come equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to determine the amount of foundation movement that has occurred. Of course, this analysis is free and without obligation on your part.

    Align Foundation Repair uses several techniques of foundation repair such as pier and beam, concrete piling, drilled pier, and spread footing foundation repair. Just let us know your information and we can schedule a time at your convenience to come and give you a free estimate.