Are there noticeable bulging points in your patio? Is there a portion that appears to pull away from the home? Instead of a total and costly patio replacement, concrete patio raising may be the best solution.

If your patio leans or is pulling away from the house, Concrete Lifting using a slurry may be the best option for repair. Patios are rarely built as robustly as homes. Therefore, concrete raising using a sandy loam-concrete mixture provides an alternative when piers are not a possibility. Typically, concrete patio repair with Align Foundation Repair can be done for less than half the cost of replacement. An added benefit is most repairs are done in one day.

The Cause of Uneven Patios

Patios are typically leveled evenly at time of installation. However, years of soil shifting and pressure under the slab can cause the concrete to chip and crack, resulting in protrusions or dips in the pavement. The slab can also warp and break apart due to pushing from growing tree roots.

Concrete Patio Raising

Align Foundation Repair can repair concrete patio surfaces using a concrete raising technique. This is far more cost-effective compared to more traditional tear-out and re-pour methods. Patio raising levels the surface, restores it to a new condition, and stabilizes the foundation beneath. In most scenarios, repairs can be completed in a single work day, and final cost is no more than half of what you would foot for a complete slab or concrete replacement.

How the Concrete Raising Process Works

When you schedule a free inspection with Align Foundation Repair, a foundation repair professional will examine the patio and determine whether concrete raising is an option. The technician will then formulate a plan of action and an estimate. If the homeowner accepts, the inspector will arrange a weather dependent date.
When we repair concrete patio slab, our step-by step process includes:

  • Crew arrives and drills pumping holes using an inch and 5/8 concrete drill bit.
  • Sandy loam/portland mixture is made to add to the pump for injection.
  • Mixture is injected into lifting holes until the concrete is raised to the desired level.
  • Void holes are then filled until the mixture supports the lifted area.
  • Concrete is washed and holes are filled with a specially formulated patching concrete.

Concrete Patio Repair Contractors in Dallas-Fort Worth

An uneven patio is not only visually unappealing, but creates a slanted surface, cracks, and tripping hazards. There is also the potential for water to collect in sunken areas, leading to degradation. If your patio is showing signs of un-leveling, then contact Align Foundation Repair. Our concrete patio repair contractors in Dallas, TX, will have a solution for complete surface restoration. Our goal is to make your patio into a fully functional and livable space.

We are proud to offer our foundation repair and drainage services throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Explore our service areas today and call for a today!