Surface Drain Solutions

Surface drains only collect surface water. They depend on water to be focused into specific areas. These are great solutions for draining an area of your yard that is pooling water. They are less costly than French drains, so when they are appropriate, they can save money. They do require periodic cleaning to ensure proper functioning. There are many different-sized catch basins to choose from. Align Foundation Repair will design a customized area or surface drain system to address your specific problem.

Find out whether your residential property in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area requires a surface drain installation. Align Foundation Repair can assess your home and determine whether a surface drain is necessary.

Surface Drains at a Glance

Its very name is a huge indicator of what a surface drain does. Its function is to collect water at the surface. If you regularly see water puddling around your foundation or yard after rain, then your home may require a surface drain.

The drain is installed flush with the floor along with a catch basin strategically located to prevent water ponding at locations where it can induce the most damage.

Surface Drains Vs. French Drains

Homeowners tend to think of all drains as being identical in function. Align Foundation Repair installs and repairs both surface drains and French drains. Keep in mind, though, that these drainage systems have different roles.

As established, surface drains only collect water at the surface. They’re also installed with the grates and basins visible. Their presence, though, often does not interfere with the aesthetics. French drains, by contrast, collect water that has seeped into the soil, though it can also collect some surface water as well.

Do You Require a Surface Drain?

Only an in-person evaluation from one of our technicians can determine which drainage solution is best for your property. Generally, your home will require a surface drain if:

  • Water tends to pool on the surface
  • The home rests on the bottom end of a slope
  • The home rests on a flat surface with little sloping to draw water away
  • Water tends to collect all or mostly in a single and recurring surface location

Since they are located at ground level and exposed to the elements, surface drains do require regular upkeep. Maintenance is something Align Foundation Repair can assist homeowners with.

We Install Surface Drains for Residences and Commercial Sites

Align Foundation Repair is your go-to source for surface drainage solutions, from installation to maintenance and repairs. Contact us today; a visit from a technician includes a free inspection and estimate.

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