Here at Align Foundation Repair, we have a variety of foundation repair services for your specific needs including Concrete Piling, Steel Piling, Drilled Pier, Spread Footing, and other cost-effective solutions. Whether you need to address structural problems on a residential property or a multi-story commercial building, you can depend on our innovative foundation repair systems that are guaranteed to last for years to come. 

Our highly trained team is proud to offer foundation repair services for home and business owners throughout Dallas and the surrounding communities. We provide a permanent solution for shallow and deep foundation problems caused by inadequate site preparation, poor soil conditions, weather changes, improper drainage, hydrostatic plumbing issues, flooding, age-related settlement, and other reasons. There are several types of foundation repair designed to stabilize foundations in light and heavy-load areas. Align Foundation Repair will evaluate underlying problems before determining which repair system will deliver optimum results.

There are many factors to assess when correcting a settling foundation. Get a proper assessment on your home or business by contacting Align Foundation Repair. We have access to the most advanced foundation repair services and technologies that can permanently fix any structural “settled foundations.” Avoid costly renovations and demolitions by partnering with a trusted foundation repair company that backs its work with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.

Not sure what type of foundation repair you need? We offer free, no-obligation foundation repair estimates throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Explore our foundation repair service areas! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Align Foundation Repair.