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When you need foundation repair services in Dallas, TX, for your home or commercial building, you can put your trust in Align Foundation Repair for unmatched workmanship and long-lasting results at an affordable price. Our family-run business has built a stellar reputation based on a long-standing commitment to world-class customer service, integrity, and transparency. We take pride in our work because we understand how important your home is to you.

Are you seeing cracks in the walls or other signs of foundation problems? Acting now can save you money and aggravation later.

Best Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas

Property owners in this area have homes or businesses sitting on expansive clay soils. This type of soil is constantly shifting and settling, causing problems for older buildings and new construction alike. In fact, over half of homes and businesses will experience some form of foundation damage during the course of a lifetime. A small percentage of these properties will experience significant damage.

If you notice any of the following signs of damage, call our Dallas foundation repair contractors right away:

  • Cracks in the foundation or around windows
  • Doors won’t close properly (gaps at the top of the frame)
  • Windows won’t completely shut
  • Soil slopes away from the property
  • Moisture accumulates in the basement, crawlspace, or backyard
  • The floors slope or are uneven

We understand it can be upsetting to discover signs of foundation damage. That’s why we offer a free inspection and estimate designed to fully assess the extent of the problem, develop a customized solution, and answer all of your questions.

Our options for foundation repair in Dallas, TX, include the following:

  • Steel piling: Strong reinforced steel to support even the highest-load commercial buildings on shifting soils
  • Concrete piling: A fast and affordable, yet durable option for reinforcing concrete structures
  • Drilled pier: Sturdy repairs using steel and concrete—ideal for additions, patios, and homes
  • Spread footing: Support for shallow foundations with pier-and-beam structures

Align Foundation Repair’s professionals are experts in all of these methods of foundation repair. Plus, all of our work is backed by our Transferable Lifetime Home Repair Warranty. It not only gives you peace of mind but can even boost the value of your home or commercial building.

Common Foundation Issues in Dallas 

Recognizing the warning signs of common foundation issues in Dallas is vital to preserving the integrity of your property. Early detection can prevent the development of more severe structural damage. Here are a few warning signs to look out for: 

Stair-step cracks in the exterior brickwork 

Stair-step cracks are a type of cracking pattern that resembles the shape of a staircase. They are common in brick buildings and are frequently a sign of underlying structural issues. Generally, they are caused by differential settlement, which occurs when one part of the foundation settles faster than another. The bricks shift as a result of this. 

Cracks or gaps in the foundation wall 

While minor vertical cracks may not cause concern, horizontal or diagonal gaps could mean serious structural issues. The widening of wall gaps could suggest foundation movement and potential structural instability. The presence of spaces between walls and the ceiling or floor typically reveals that the foundation is beginning to sink or crumble. 

Difficulties opening doors or windows 

Difficulties opening or closing doors and windows and visible gaps around frames may indicate a faulty foundation. If your doors and windows no longer fit their frames, this could suggest foundation movement. Doors or windows may be difficult to open or close in these situations. Another sign of foundation damage is cracked window panes. 

Sloping or uneven floors 

Sloping or uneven floors not only put the structural integrity of your property at risk, but they can also pose safety hazards. Floors that slope or are uneven might point to serious foundation issues that should be addressed to prevent further damage and ensure the stability and safety of your home. 

Bowing or leaning walls 

Bowing or leaning walls may compromise the structural integrity of your home. Bowing walls usually curve inward or outward, whereas leaning walls lean to one side. Any signs of bowing or leaning clearly indicate foundation problems that may threaten the structure’s overall stability, potentially resulting in safety hazards and costly repairs if not addressed. 

Steel Piling Foundation Repair in Dallas  

Steel piling foundation repair in Dallas is a dependable and cost-effective solution. It involves the installation of steel piles, which are long, cylindrical steel columns driven deep into the ground to provide structural support and stability.   

This foundation repair method is a popular option for reinforcing foundations in areas with difficult soil conditions because of their exceptional durability and strength, which allow them to withstand high levels of compression and tension. 

It typically begins with thoroughly examining the existing foundation to identify the underlying causes of damage and instability. Following the completion of the assessment, skilled technicians strategically install steel piles at specific intervals along the foundation to distribute structural load and provide additional support, effectively stabilizing the foundation and preventing further settlement or movement. 

Steel piling foundation repair in Dallas has a proven track record of durability and long-term performance. It provides an affordable, long-term solution, guaranteeing the structural integrity and safety of buildings for many years.

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    Drainage System Repair in Dallas, Texas

    It’s not unusual for the Dallas area to see severe storms. After a heavy rainfall, you might notice some soggy patches on your lawn, or perhaps a particular part of the property is prone to flooding. This is problematic because a water-saturated property is more likely to develop foundation damage.

    Here at Align Foundation Repair, we believe a proactive approach is wise because it reduces the impact on your wallet and keeps your property looking at its best. We offer Dallas drainage system repair solutions that are customized to your property’s unique needs. Our drainage services include the following:

    • Surface drains
    • Channel drains
    • French drains
    • Drain repairs

    At Align Foundation Repair, we don’t recommend one-size-fits-all solutions. Our pros will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property’s drainage issues, considering everything from the type of soil to the size of your home or commercial building. Then, we’ll recommend a customized set of solutions designed to work for your property to eliminate problems such as the following:

    • Pools of standing water
    • Saturated soil
    • Water accumulation from downspouts
    • Water accumulation from slopes (for properties at the bottom of a slope)

    As a family-operated business, we pride ourselves on providing the right solution for each customer.

    Concrete Raising in Dallas, Texas

    Align Foundation Repair is pleased to offer Dallas concrete raising services to our valued customers. In Texas, given the type of soil, it’s not uncommon to see sunken areas in concrete structures. For example, one part of a concrete pool deck may be sunken in. Many homeowners don’t realize that it’s possible to raise these structures, rather than replace them entirely. In fact, our concrete raising services could save you thousands in replacement costs!

    We offer exceptional workmanship on concrete raising for the following types of structures:

    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Garage floors
    • Pool decks

    Our experienced professionals ensure there is little to no impact on the surrounding landscape because we understand how important it is for your property to maintain its beautiful appearance.

    Align Foundation Repair: The Best Foundation Repair Contractor in Dallas, Texas

    The Dallas foundation repair experts at Align Foundation Repair are prompt and courteous professionals who will treat your home with respect. We’re a small, family-run business that thrives on referrals, so we make sure that you never feel like “just a number.”

    Most foundation repair services are completed within one week’s time. We are A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau, and members of the National Foundation Repair Association. Plus, we offer free estimates! Our DFW foundation repair service areas include Dallas, Garland, Arlington, Allen, Carrollton, and Forney.

    If you are noticing signs of foundation problems, act sooner rather than later! Call Align Foundation Repair today.

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