Dallas-Fort Worth Foundation Repair & Drainage Repair

Businesses and homeowners alike know to rely on the experts at Align Foundation Repair for anything related to foundation repair in the DFW area. Our process is fast, efficient, and has a lifetime warranty, so when it comes to re-stabilizing commercial and residential properties, we proudly meet Dallas, Fort Worth’s foundation repair needs with the best service and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Concrete Piling – A perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and long-lasting stability, these long concrete pilings will provide a solid foundation for generations to come.
Steel Piling – These industrial pilings, built for heavy-duty commercial buildings and large-scale homes, have a dual-wall construction that can resist rust for over 150 years.
Drilled Pier – This foundation repair method is the quietest, but better left for lightweight structures.
Spread Footing – Perfect for tight locations, this repair method provides stabilization directly under load-bearing walls and beams.

Signs Your Property Needs Foundation Repair (Dallas, Fort Worth)

Cracks – Widening cracks in the brick or stone (exterior and interior)
Uneven Floors – Is your door starting to make contact with the floor?
Plumbing Problems – An uneven foundation can often cause high water bills and clogged drains.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, schedule a free estimate to see if you need a foundation repair. Dallas, Fort Worth has many companies to choose from, but only one with our work ethic! Align Foundation Repair: contact us now for friendly service and great local solutions.