Drainage System Process

How Poor Drainage Causes Foundation Problems

Water is one of the greatest detriments to a foundation. Even the most sturdy and modern foundation system will fall far short of its lifespan if it’s exposed to an onslaught of pooling water. This is why homes have gutters and downspouts. Many homeowners don’t believe a seemingly benign puddle can cause foundational damage. This post is intended to convince them otherwise.

The Implications of Poor Drainage Around a House

How exactly does water damage a foundation? Water that is allowed to remain in a single place for prolonged periods produces the ideal growing conditions for mold and fungus. This is especially the case after a storm, which leads to a pooling of gray and even black water. The damage can also extend to the basement. This leads to interior wood rot and increased risk of indoor flooding. In turn, this can damage other components, such as the electrical wiring.

Another problem is that the water can seep into the soil. This can lead to some parts of the soil expanding that shifts the foundation, leading to cracks. The amount of water absorption by the soil depends on the geographic location. Some parts of the Dallas, TX, region have clay soils. This makes a properly functioning drainage system all the more important.

How to Improve Drainage

First, inspect your gutter system. Get on a ladder and clean out any debris. You should do this after every storm. While up there, check the unit for damage. If the gutter is sagging or detaching from the house, then it needs repairs or a replacement. Also, check the downspout. As a general rule, the point where the water exits should at least be three-feet away from the house’s base. We can’t overstate the importance of this. Every inch of rain that hits the roof causes as much as 600 gallons of water runoff that exits the downspout. You don’t want that amount of water resting near the foundation.

Sprinklers are another primary source of pooling water. Invest in a sprinkler and irrigation system that automatically adjusts settings. Nowadays, there are smart sprinkler devices that enable users to turn the system on and off via mobile device.

We Improve Residential Drainage

Our foundation repair services include drainage system repair. Poor drainage near the foundation can result in cost-prohibitive damage. Prevent this altogether by calling Align Foundation Repair.

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