How Disruptive is the Foundation Repair Process?

A damaged foundation is a major issue for homeowners. Neglecting repairs to your foundation today can be very costly in the near future. For this reason, it’s essential to repair it at the first signs of damage. However, like many homeowners, you may be hesitant. Buried underneath your home—and bearing its entire weight—the foundation isn’t a simple cosmetic feature. Repairing it can be a significant undertaking, but how disruptive is it? In this guide, our experts at Align Foundation answer your questions.

Can You Live in Your House During Foundation Repair?

Is it possible to live in a house during foundation repair? In most cases, yes, you can. However, it depends on the type of foundation, the extent of the damage, and the process required to repair it. In the sections below, we cover a few of these factors and how they relate to the overall disruption of your home.

Lifting a Home for Major Foundation Repairs

To address the most serious and widespread issues, your home may need to be lifted so your entire foundation is accessible. This is an instance where you will likely be unable to live there—especially since your contractor may recommend additional repairs during this time. See the following examples:

Revealing Past Contractor Shortcuts Through Major Foundation Repairs

The unfortunate reality is that some contractors take shortcuts. When your home is lifted and placed back, you may find other issues appearing as a direct result of past contractors:

  • If your contractor used self-leveling floor mixtures, you’ll experience uneven floors after your foundation is repaired.
  • If your contractor has repatched or repainted drywall, you’ll notice patched areas crack again after your foundation is repaired.
  • If your contractor has shaved down any doors, you’ll see gaps reappear after your foundation is repaired.
  • If your contractor has reworked any fixtures, such as windows and doors, to appear straight, you’ll find that they are once again crooked after your foundation is repaired.
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Common Foundation Repairs: Exterior Disruptions to Expect

Whether your foundation repair uses pressed piers or steel piers —you’ll find that most work can be completed from outside.

These piers are typically installed at intervals of 8 feet via 2-foot by 2-foot holes. At a minimum (and often at maximum, depending on the extent of the damage), you can expect one of these holes to be dug around your property. This may lead to some landscaping disruption, as well as the potential removal of a section of your sprinkler or gas line–though this is less common.

Common Foundation Repairs: Interior Disruptions to Expect

Some holes may need to be created on the interior resulting in the need for replacing flooring.

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