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How Can Water Impact Your Home’s Foundation?

The structural integrity of your home rests on its foundation. When foundational damage occurs, Texas homeowners are on high alert. In many cases, water seepage and excess moisture are the culprits.

What exactly happens when water collects around a home’s foundation? And what are the possible causes? At Align Foundation Repair, we have the answers.

Potential Causes of Water Seepage

  • Blocked gutters and downspouts that cause water to fall against the structure and foundation
  • Improper grading that directs water toward the home
  • Extensive drought followed by flash flooding, a common problem in Texas
  • Plumbing leaks and burst pipes
  • A malfunctioning sump pump
  • Poor drainage
  • Tree roots that are very close to the foundation, pulling in moisture
  • Expanding and contracting soil that erodes, allowing water to infiltrate

How Does Water Impact the Foundation?

When water collects around a foundation, it creates pressure on the structure. This is further exacerbated by expansive clay soil that is common throughout Texas. During heavy rains or prolonged contact with water, the soil swells significantly. When the water evaporates during dry spells, the soil shrinks. This constant movement with the changes of season creates tremendous stress. It can result in hydrostatic plumbing issues and structural damage.

Cracks and horizontal fissures in the foundation are potential signs of water infiltration. You may also notice a musty odor, bubbling paint, and mildew on the walls. If the problem is neglected for long periods of time, you may soon need professional foundation repair services.

If you suspect water seepage or drainage problems near your foundation, it is essential to take proactive measures before minor issues become more extensive and costly to fix. And if you’re looking for Richardson foundation repair specialists, you’ve come to the right place.

Trusted Foundation Repair Richardson TX

If you are concerned that your foundation is being compromised by water seepage, a professional inspection is a smart idea. Align Foundation Repair can identify underlying problems causing excess moisture that the average homeowner is likely to miss.

We offer foundation repair services in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area for both homeowners and commercial properties. Protect your investment and gain peace of mind knowing our high-quality work is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Not sure if you are in our Richardson TX foundation repair service area? Contact us today to arrange a free inspection and estimate.

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