Why You Have to Take Care of Your Foundation When the Soil Is Drying Up

A home’s foundation rests on the soil. In this regard, the soil can be thought of as the foundation for the foundation. This is why soil condition is so important. This is especially so in the North Texas region where frequent drought and hot weather can contribute to dry soil. In turn, this causes all sorts of structural issues.

The Problem with Dry Soil

Dry soil foundation problems are commonplace throughout most of the southern portion of North America. When the soil dries up, it shrinks. As the soil shrinks, the foundation settles. Eventually, as the rain increases, the soil expands. This yearlong cycle of shrinking and expansion causes the soil to “heave.” The foundation will move along with the soil; the movement causes movement in the foundation. This issue is especially common in the North Texas region, where the heavy clay and loam-based soil are prone to moisture loss, particularly during the peak summer months.

Keep in mind that changes in soil conditions are natural and to be expected with changes in the season. However, the soil should always maintain some level of moisture content. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen naturally, which is why some care on the homeowner’s end may be necessary.

How to Care for Your Foundation

Doing foundation care for dry soil is not complicated but does require diligent attention.

Another form of prevention is drip irrigation. Drip irrigation can be installed by a licensed irrigator. Alternatively, you can deploy soaker hoses. Contact Align for instructions to set up soaker hoses.

Don’t Eschew Professional Care

Even with stringent care on the homeowner’s part, regular professional inspection is still a must. Call Align Foundation Repair for a thorough evaluation of your foundation. We can detect early signs of foundation damage and take preventive action before the problem exacerbates. We can recommend foundation repair services if the issue is serious enough to warrant remediation. Call today for a free inspection and estimate!

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