Tips for Preparing Your Household for Foundation Repair

Repairing a damaged home foundation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area requires a little prep work ahead of time. But the benefits you’ll enjoy will make the effort more than worthwhile.

Read on for time-tested foundation repair preparations that will effectively prevent any damage to your home or possessions while work is carried out.

Preparing your home for foundation repair

Steps to prepare your home for foundation repair include:

  • Moving objects away from the perimeter of your home: Such as trash cans, ladders, lawn equipment, outdoor ornaments, potted plants, etc.
  • Removing fragile items from indoor shelves, walls, and tables: Including picture frames, statuettes, and vases.
  • Covering furniture with blankets, drop cloths, or tarps: Otherwise, the repair process may cause a small amount of airborne dust to settle on your furnishings.
  • Securing book or knickknack shelves to the surrounding wall: To prevent them from possibly falling over.

Circumstances that might merit special attention

In some cases, the foundation repair process may require a bit more prep work. Examples include:

  • When interior underpinnings are needed: In such cases, it might be a good idea to remove rugs or carpeting from the affected rooms.
  • When the property contains a hot tub or large deck: It may be necessary to cover or reinforce these items prior to beginning foundation work.
  • When plumbing or electric lines run through a concrete slab foundation: We may need to temporarily disconnect or reconfigure these connections.

We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine if any of these added steps are needed.

Crossing other items off your to-do list

A visit from our foundation repair services technicians is a perfect opportunity to accomplish some of your other home improvement goals, including:

  • Redoing your landscaping: Been wanting to give your outdoor flowers or shrubs a dazzling new look? This might be the chance you’ve been waiting for.
  • Grading your property: Ensuring a gentle grade away from your home will protect your newly repaired foundation from future damage.
  • Renovating a shed or other outbuilding: Thinking of transforming your storage shed into a home office or studio? A visit from our foundation repair company may be the ideal time to turn this dream into a reality.

Call for Dallas-Fort Worth foundation repair

A home foundation is only as good as the ground that supports it. Shifting soil or changes in weather can damage the concrete slab or set of piers that your house rests upon.

When your residence is at risk from a settling foundation, it’s good to know that the North Texas technicians at Align Foundation Repair are here to help. As a top-rated foundation repair company serving Plano and the entire DFW region, we’ll diagnose the cause of the problem and apply the correct solutions.

Homeowners in our Dallas-Fort Worth foundation repair service areas are invited to get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation and quote.

Some, all or none of these preparations may be needed. Contact Align for specific details for your home.

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