Concrete Raising vs. Concrete Replacement

Many homeowners are under the assumption that concrete, due to its rock-hard composition, can last a lifetime. In some instances, this is true. Unfortunately, this is often not the case for concrete driveways and walkways in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The concrete is vulnerable to damage due to the ever-shifting soil conditions beneath. The good news is that solutions are readily available, namely in the form of concrete raising and concrete replacement.

Concrete Raising

Concrete raising goes by other names, such as concrete leveling, slab jacking, and mud jacking. Often, the concrete itself is undamaged and simply settling to the bottom due to expanding and shifting soil. It is not necessary to replace an otherwise good slab of existing concrete. Rather, a cost-effective procedure is to raise the concrete back to its original position.

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With concrete raising, a small hole approximately one-inch in diameter is drilled into the slab. A pump is inserted into the hole where some type of filler – usually polyurethane or cement mixture – is pumped into the ground below the concrete. This fills in the gaps underneath; once the filler hardens, this effectively raises the slab so it’s back in alignment with the surrounding concrete.

Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement may be the only recourse if the concrete sustained damage beyond repair. Typically, a technician will recommend a replacement if there is more than one crack per slab. At this point, the concrete’s structural integrity is severely compromised and may not be able to safely support a foundation or additional weight.

A replacement may also be in order if the concrete has settled more than eight inches beneath ground level. At this stage, the void beneath the slab is too great for slab jacking to restore. If the damage is due to tree root intrusion, then the solution usually also requires concrete replacement.

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While a replacement is more expensive than simply raising the concrete, this may be the sole option if the damage or settlement is beyond restoration.

We Raise and Replace Concrete

When it comes to concrete raising vs concrete replacement,  it is not about which method is better, but which is more appropriate to your particular foundation problem. If you see signs of settling or cracks in concrete, then call Align Foundation Repair for an evaluation. As part of your free estimate, we will determine which method is the most cost-effective and best for the given situation.

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