Concrete Piling Advantages

The Advantages of Concrete Piling

Ground soil in much of the Texas region is prone to shifting, expansion, and other weather influences. Over time, this causes foundations to also shift, resulting in cracks, splits, and sloping. Fortunately, the advent of concrete piling has lowered the cost of foundation repair while providing a reliable and long-lasting solution. Let’s dive into some of the benefits concrete piling has to offer.

Exceptional Durability

Concrete piles accommodate almost all subsurface conditions common in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The piles are pre-manufactured and constructed to precise tolerances and made from high tensile strength materials. The column consists of 6-inch diameter precast 12-inch sections. The top section includes steel shims, providing a base for the foundation to rest on.

Concrete piles are durable enough to be used with nearly every type of residential home and small to medium-sized commercial structure. In the rare event more strength is required, installers can always opt for steel pilings.

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Concrete piling is a cost-effective solution for the most common types of foundation damage. They can be easily fabricated for structural strength, and they can be driven into the ground.

Installers also use dynamic pile testing to determine the precise pile capacity and pile length. Each pier is individually customized to its location.

Speedy Installation

Since piles are made in advance and not on site, the construction process is far more expedient. Lack of drill spoils also means no need for cleanup. Concrete piles also don’t require curing time. This allows them to be installed in sequence, keeping heavy equipment movement to a minimum and drastically speeding up installation time.

As you can see, concrete piling is a durable and long-lasting solution at a fraction of the price and with quick and easy installation. Contact us at Align Foundation Repair if you suspect damage to your residential or business foundation.


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