What to Do with a Sinking Concrete Patio?

Your patio or walkway may have a concrete slab or two that’s sinking or sloping at an uneven angle. What do you do? Do you just leave it as it is? That’s definitely an option, but it’s certainly an eyesore, not to mention a trip hazard. What are your options for a sinking concrete patio?


The most common solution is mudjacking, also known as concrete raising. This fast and affordable solution can be completed in a single day. With this noninvasive procedure, a hole about one and a half inches in diameter is drilled into the concrete. This serves as an entry point for a slurry mixture. The mixture fills in the gap and air pockets in the soil. It compresses the soil, pushing the concrete back in place and eliminating future occurrences of the concrete resettling to the bottom or sloping. Concrete raising is a common repair method in the Dallas Fort Worth area because soil conditions often warrant such a procedure.

Some of the more recent breakthroughs in mudjacking include injecting a polymer foam that cures in a matter of minutes. It also restores the slab to its full and original weight-bearing capacity.

Contact Align Foundation Repair for mudjacking services today.

Slab Replacement

If the crack and/or sinking is extensive, then it may be beyond what mudjacking can restore. In this instance, a technician may recommend a complete slab replacement. The existing slab will need to be broken up and removed to make room for the new one.

Since replacement is more expensive, it is usually the last-resort. A replacement is usually necessary once the slab has incurred cracking and separation into many pieces.

We Restore a Sinking Concrete Patio

We don’t advise just letting a sinking concrete be as it is. It’s a visual distraction and also a safety hazard. Call Align Foundation Repair for sinking concrete patio repair; upon inspection, a technician will suggest a solution designed for long-term concrete stability.

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