Should I Level or Replace My Concrete Driveway?

Many homeowners overlook cracked or visibly damaged concrete as nothing more than an eyesore. However, aside from being visually displeasing, the damage or settling can be a trip hazard, not to mention a sign of poor soil conditions beneath. This leaves you with two options. Should you level the concrete or replace it entirely?

Concrete Leveling

Concrete settles due to low soil compaction, which leads to voids within the soil. This arises because of changing weather, which can shift rather abruptly in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. It may also arise from the soil not being properly filled and compacted during the concrete slab’s initial installation.

Concrete leveling is a procedure that fills the void in the soil. This raises the concrete back to its original position and stabilizes it from future settlement or uneven sloping.

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To level a concrete driveway, a technician drills a small hole into the concrete slab and pressure-injects a cement slurry or other mixture into the soil. Once the solution cures, it creates a firm and stable surface that prevents future sinking or sloping. The entire process takes no more than a day.

Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement is the other option. With this method, the entire section of the slab is removed and replaced. While certainly a feasible option, this is often the far more expensive solution due to the additional time, labor, and materials involved. It’s also more invasive as the entire replacement section needs to be cordoned off and exhumed.

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Concrete Leveling vs Replacement

There are certainly some instances when replacement is the necessary option. This may be the case if a crack extends from one section of the slab to the other or there is extensive spalling. Another scenario is if there is significant damage due to excessive tree root intrusion.

However, the majority of concrete repairs can be completed via leveling. Plus, concrete leveling leaves a smaller carbon footprint since it requires less machinery and material disposal.

Find the Best Method for Concrete Restoration

Typically, raising a concrete driveway is often the go-to solution because it is simpler and more affordable. Contact us at Align Foundation Repair for a free evaluation and estimate. Upon an initial inspection, our knowledgeable technician can help you determine the appropriate course of action.

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