How to Fix a Sinking Concrete Driveway

Over the years, a concrete driveway may begin to settle or slope unevenly in one direction. This is often a sign of poor soil compaction, which is actually commonplace in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Concrete poured over clay-based soil is vulnerable to shifting and eventually settling. What is the best method for fixing a sinking concrete driveway?

The Method

While several concrete repair options are available, the most commonplace solution nowadays is concrete leveling. The procedure also goes by several names, such as mud-jacking and slab-jacking. More or less, the terms all refer to the same method.

With concrete leveling, a mixture is injected into the soil below the concrete to raise the slab back to its position and make it flush with the adjacent concrete. The method is affordable and a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement.

How the Process Works

The process is noninvasive and contrary to belief, does not require any digging or slab removal. Essentially, a technician drills a small hole into the concrete. This small opening is wide enough to insert a tube where a slurry cement mixture is pumped into the soil beneath. The solution usually consists of a mixture of Portland cement and sandy loam.

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Concrete settles due to low soil compaction, which creates gaps and air pockets. This leaves the soil prone to air and water absorption, leading to shifting that causes the concrete above to heave. Over the years, this leads to permanent settlement or uneven sloping. Likewise, cracks in the concrete may enable rainwater to seep in, which erodes the soil and reduces compaction.

The injected mixture fills in the gaps in the soil. Once it hardens, it compacts the soil and blocks air and water intrusion which prevents concrete settlement/sloping.
Once the process is complete, the hole is patched and hardly noticeable. The entire process takes less than 24 hours. It goes without saying that this is not a DIY endeavor.

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Leave Concrete Repair to Us

Contact us at Align Foundation Repair for an inspection if a portion of your concrete is sinking. Sinking concrete driveway repair is one of our mainstay operations due to the prevalence of sinking concrete in the region. Thanks to new technology in the industry, concrete restoration – in most instances – no longer requires invasive and expensive procedures like concrete replacement.

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