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Foundation problems can be stressful, whether they affect a home or business. Fortunately, Align Foundation Repair offers services in Garland that can address even the most substantial defects plaguing a property.

Our Garland Foundation experts can install steel pilings to support even the heaviest structures in poor soil conditions. Along with helping you make the best decisions for your property, our team also has a reputation for making efficient and effective repairs while going above and beyond to cause minimal disturbances to homes and businesses.

How Can You Tell You Need Foundation Repair?

A faulty foundation will provide many tell-tale signs, including the following:

  • Pooling Water Around the Home – Poor drainage is the number one enemy of foundations. Water collecting in the soil around the foundation will put pressure on the concrete and cause cracks.
  • Skewed Windows and Doors – When foundation damage is substantial, it can cause the doors and windows to fall out of alignment with frames. As a result, you may struggle with closing them.
  • Ceilings – As the foundation shifts, you may notice cracks in your walls and ceilings. This indicates that the damage is serious and must be addressed immediately.One or more of the above issues signals that you should schedule a foundation inspection as soon as possible. The sooner you determine the problem, the faster it will be repaired, which is key to preventing more substantial damage.Cracks in Walls and 

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    How Do Steel Piling Foundations Work?

    Steel piling foundations feature an extended cylindrical support driven deep into the earth, either in bedrock or a stable surface. They consist of three components:

    • Steel top cap
    • Interlocking steel pipe sets
    • Steel starter

    These components are capable of shouldering increasingly heavy loads, which means they’re an effective solution for commercial properties. Steel piling foundations are also beneficial when the upper layers of soil fail to offer the support needed for other types of foundation repair.

    In addition to supporting a structure’s foundation, steel pilings can also be used to raise a sunken foundation to the desired level. This is necessary when it has experienced substantial damage.

    What Benefits Do Steel Pilings Offer When It Comes to Foundations?

    Steel pile foundations protect structures from future issues, as they can effectively resist shifting soil. They can also stand up against soil compression, which can occur when the soil surrounding a property becomes saturated with moisture.

    Steel is also highly resilient, making it a great choice for foundation repair. Steel will not be impacted by moisture, as it’s resistant to corrosion. Its strength and durability also mean the material is unlikely to break down over time.

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    As Garland, TX’s steel piling foundation experts, our team at Align Foundation Repair can quickly diagnose issues and recommend the best possible solution to preserve the stability of your home. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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