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Drainage issues often cause many problems, including foundation damage. Accordingly, homeowners should identify these issues and explore Garland drainage solutions to prevent them from worsening.  

With so many possible systems, such as French drains, channel drains, and surface drains, understanding your options is critical to making the best decision. That’s where Align Foundation Repair comes in, as we can inspect your property and make expert recommendations based on years of experience. We also provide drainage system repairs if your current configuration is no longer performing as expected.  

How to Identify Drainage Issues 

Identifying the common signs of poor drainage around your home is the first step to finding a suitable solution, which can include the following: 

  • Large puddles and pools of water in your back or front yard 
  • Water stains and mold growth
  • Poor positioning of gutter downspouts 
  • Clogged gutters

Poor drainage can cause extensive damage to your home. If water is not diverted from the property, it will seep into the soil around the foundation and put pressure on the concrete. If this problem persists, the rest of your home will be affected. And at some point, your home can become structurally unsound.  

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    Drainage Solutions We Provide 

    Drainage needs can vary from home to home, which is why our Garland drainage experts offer a variety of possible solutions: 

    • Surface Drains. These systems are designed to intercept surface-level water on your property. This prevents it from settling in your backyard or pooling around your foundation after a rainstorm.  
    • French Drains. French drains consist of a trench, gravel, and perforated piping. Water filters down through the gravel and into the pipe, directing it away from your home’s foundation.  
    • Channel Drains. When it comes to concrete driveways and patios, channel drains ensure that water doesn’t remain on the surface. Channel drains usually feature slots, through which water flows down to a trench to prevent it from collecting around a home.  

    While the above drainage systems are highly effective, they can also be customized to a property owner’s specifications. In addition to recommending a suitable drainage system for your home, accurately measuring pipes and trenches is crucial to ensure it performs as expected.  

    Drainage System Repair Is Another Option 

    Even a well-functioning drainage system may need help. For instance, you might notice that water continues to collect near your foundation even though you have a drainage system installed. In this instance, scheduling Garland drainage repair can help avoid cumulative damage and increasing expenses. 

    Issues typically occur underground, which means they’re not easy to identify. That’s why a professional inspection is crucial, as it allows specialists to determine the exact defect and offer the best strategy for addressing it. 

    We Can Install and Repair a Variety of Drainage Systems  

    Along with our other Garland drainage services, Align Foundation Repair can perform routine maintenance to keep your system in good shape for years. Feel free to contact our Garland foundation repair pros to prevent minor issues from getting worse.   

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