Landscaping and Foundation Repair

Landscaping and Your Foundation

Landscaping is a wonderful way to increase curb appeal in your front yard and to create a more welcoming back yard. If you landscape correctly, you won’t damage your home’s foundation in any way. If you landscape wrong, however, changes in ground moisture and the plant roots themselves may have detrimental effects on your home’s foundation. Make sure you know how to protect your foundation before you do any landscaping. Read More

Hot Weather Foundation Repair

Why Hot Weather Damages Your Foundation

Texas temperatures in summer easily break 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even when the temperature is in the high 90s, dry Texas weather wicks the moisture from the soil around your house and steals it from your foundation, which causes cracks. Dry weather day after day is a recipe for foundation disaster, and you may find yourself with lasting foundation damage that compromises the structural integrity of your home if you don’t address the problem. Read More