The AFR Drainage Solutions are custom fit solutions to rid your property of excess rain runoff and ground water. The biggest contributors to foundation problems are lack of water or too much water. A healthy balance is what all of our homes and structures need. Site drainage issues can cause your foundation to heave and move in ways that piers cannot repair. The AFR Drainage Solutions are designed to eliminate excess water around your house. Sound a little confusing? We can explain the different drain types so you have a complete knowledge of how your system works.


  • Custom fit solutions specific to your home
  • Utilization of various drain types - no one drain can fix every problem
  • Service contracts available to ensure long-lasting solutions
  • No corrugated plastics* - only yard grade PVC will be utilized and properly glued seams

*Corrugated plastic pipe has a high failure rate, thus we use PVC pipe for drains. However, there are rare circumstances that corrugated pipe must be used. Ask for more details.







If you're interested in having Align Foundation Repair solve your drainage problems, please contact us today!