Spot Foundation Problems

4 Signs Your Foundation May Need Repairing

Foundation issues are one of the most damaging things that can happen to a home. Because foundation issues happen gradually and worsen over time, homeowners may not realize anything is wrong until the problem is severe and requires significant and costly repairs. Check your home for tell-tale signs of foundation damage so you can invest in a repair before things get out of hand.

Interior and Exterior Cracks

One of the most obvious signs of foundation issues is cracks in exterior brick or stone around your house. Cracks that look like a set of stairs, and cracks that go horizontally, are almost always indicators that your foundation needs repair.

Cracks happen on your interior walls, too. They’ll often go diagonally and connect to a window or a door. If you haven’t owned your home for very long, you can look for evidence that cracks like this have been repaired and painted over. When the underlying foundation issue isn’t addressed, temporary repairs won’t last, and the indoor cracks will come back.

Sticking Doors and Uneven Floors

Doors and windows that used to open and close easily but are now sticking are an indication of foundation problems. When the house shifts due to foundation issues, the frames around the doors and windows change shape; you won’t be able to see the change with your naked eye, but you will notice that your doors and windows aren’t working the way they should.

Sometimes a door only opens partway because of an uneven floor. If your door starts scraping against the floor, that’s another sign of foundation problems. Uneven floors can happen anywhere in your home. Though unevenness isn’t always obvious, a level will tell you if your floors have become uneven over the years.

Flooring Problems

If you find cracks in your tile or grout, there is a strong possibility that you house has shifted.  Other flooring types, such as carpet and wood, react in ways that may be harder to identify.  In wood floors you should look for joint separation between the boards.

Plumbing Issues

Which Came first, the chicken or the egg?  That old saying really applies to pluming issues in your house. Did the foundation issue cause the plumbing problem or did the plumbing problem cause your foundation issue?  Either way, if you identify a plumbing issue in your home, there is a strong possibility you could have a foundation issue as well.  Look for spikes in your water bill and drains clogging repeatedly.  Also, is is recommended to have your plumbing system tested for leaks at least every other year.


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